First Build - What Would You Do Differently?

Sup everyone!

So, I’m building my first eSk8 board and after stalking the forum for a month or 2 now I wanted to pick ya’lls brain. My questions I’d like to ask is: With your first build what would you have done differently? I’ve been compiling a list of parts I want to get but, pulling the trigger is the hardest part because it’s not cheap and you want to make sure you get the best with your money/budget. It would really help to get your perspective as to what you would have done differently after building your first esk8 board. Thanks everyone!


I would have planned less and bought everything at once.

waiting was annoying, especially once I found out what I was missing!


i would have spent more time locating fasteners locally. At the time i knew nothing at all about metric bolts and machine screws, which led me to harass the vendor about replacement bolts. In hindsight i must have seemed like a lunatic.

but to be fair we really don’t have much in the way of a comprehensive hardware store around my area.


my first kit was Enertion’s 6S kit. It came with everything but the battery in one delivery, because the battery was held up in customs in Hong Kong due to bird smugglers.


Thanks for the quick response! Yeah, I feel like I’m planning is taking a long time. But, like I mentioned the 2 factors that play the biggest roll are budget and getting it right. So far I’ve only purchased the board, LOL.

I would have gone for more expensive, higher quality parts. Started out with 2x FVT 120A ESCs, 6S, 83mm flywheels and 230kV motors. Ended up buying 2 VESCs and 2 190kVs as well as a 10S pack anyways. I also bought 90mm flywheels, bought a new set of trucks/bushings/bearings and a new deck.

Basically I replaced every single part, so I guess you could say I’ve done 2 builds.

For me, the biggest expense was all the tools and other supplies I’ve needed to get a decent workspace going. That has cost me more than the board itself so really forking out the extra 200-300 bucks to run VESCs and 10S is a no brainer.


I would have done less experimentation (prototyping) and just built with available options. That being said, Im building some pretty bad ass 3D printed enclosures.


Awesome response, thanks! With all the work I do on my quads I make such a mess on the dining room table. I’m putting together a work space in the garage that will be ideal for work on the board and quads. In my experience it does pay to shell out a little more. I have the vesc, 190 kv 6372, and (2) Turnigy 5000mah 6s lipos in mind. What do you use for charging? I’m thinking of shelling out the cash for a Hobby King 350w power supply and an iCharger 106b+. But, the price of everything is starting to sting a little. Just wanted to see where you supplemented cost over quality. Anyhow, Thank you for your knowledge and sharing your experience!

I think I understand what you mean. Experimentation can run up the cost as well. But, I gotta say I really appreciate the problem solving and creativeness of the DIY’ers in this forum. Some are more plug and play and some are more like you. I’d love to see and learn how to 3D design and print. Thanks for the response!

Hahaha, that’s pretty hilarious. But, the best thing about DIYers is that it’s all about appreciating everyone’s learning process. We’re pretty lucky to have a Lowes and Home Depot everywhere in Vegas!

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i’m pretty sure i’m into the thousands on just tools alone. That’s not counting an x-carve.

its like crack. You can’t stop riding and building once you start and the next thing you know people are staging interventions because of the debt and the fact that you’ve grown a giant beard alone in your garage.


Going in to this I cut corners for cost wherever possible. Now my philosophy is quality over cost without a doubt.

That setup is pretty much the ideal single motor build :+1: However I have heard that 12S can be a bit much for the VESC to handle so some people drop it down to 10S.

For charging I bought one of these:

It’s pretty overpriced but I wanted amazon prime shipping so I wouldn’t have to wait for it to show up from hong kong.

I use an iMAX B6 and a HobbyKing 105W 15V/7A Switching DC Power Supply. The charger is $21.42 at Amazon the power supply is $15.05 at HobbyKing. I am running 6S though, you will need a different charger for 10s or 12s.

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Use Google SketchUp (free) or Solidworks (damn sur enot free :slight_smile: and draw, that’s how I started. There’s tons of tutoriald on

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I got SolidWorks for free for students. Sketchup is free too.

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If you want something reaaallly simple and pretty fun to play around with to get into 3D modeling I’d reccomend 123D Design. After that you could move up to Fusion 360. Both of which are made by the same company that develops AutoCAD.

Starting with those programs has made it much less intimidating than going straight to Soldiworks or AutoCAD. I started messing around with them a couple months ago and soon I’ll be 3D printing my enclosures and maybe designing some mounts.

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Hahaha, well illustrated! I imagined a yeti in a garage with a bunch of tools. I have had many hobbies and this one (along with skating) is by far my favorite! It’s so practical and keeps your mind fresh. Finance (my wife) even approves.

I cut corners with my quad and it was a decent learning experience. However, after replacement parts and mods, it added up. So with my DIY board I thought I’d have a different approach, like yourself. Thanks for the heads up on the 12s vs 10s in regards to the VESC. The VESC says it can handle 12s but, I forgot to leave some head room. Also, question about your charger, can you charge 2 batteries in parallel? Looks like a decent bang for the buck. Anyhow, thanks for the input it’s been real helpful!

Nice! Thanks for the reply. I’ve noticed the iMax B6 is very popular. At 1C what are your 6S lipos charging times? I’m thinking of getting either a 6S or 5S lipo. That’s how I got that 12S - 10S number from. So, I can charge in parallel or separate. Just don’t want it to take 4 hours, ya know.

I typically run x2 5000 mAh 11.2v 3s lipos in series, for 6s 22.2v. It takes about 1.5 hours to charge them to 25.2v at 4amps from 20v.

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