First build with diy lipo battery pack?!

Hi esk8ters,

This is my first build, and i need some advice from you guys. I want my longboard to be able to drive reasonably fast for long ranges. I´m aming for 25km range with 25kph continous. But I am too cheap to buy a buch of battery packs :sweat_smile: . sooo… I thought that I could make my own 10s battery pack with high capacity and low prize with these 2200mah single cells from hobbykingturingy 2200 1s 20c lipos. 10 of these in series would make a 22ah battery pack for only 28 bucks. I know that soldering lipos is dangerous, but with enough precautions totally doable. This all sounds great but i never saw a thread or build on this forum about that. Why is that? Am I missing something, that makes this plan unsuitable? Do you have tips for soldering the lipos? Any advice would be great!:wink:

The other parts I plan to use: ESC: HobbyKing X-Car Beast Series ESC 1:8 Scale 120A Motor: Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 6374-192KV Brushless Outrunner Motor Board: ninetysixty boobam

10 of those in series will give you a 2,2 ah pack, not 22 ah.


oh okay, I made pretty big mistake there. confused something. thanks for the quick answer though. :+1:

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Li ion is the future man. As more I try to find an appropriate LiPo for myself I hate them more lol Just get a li ion pack. Im planning to build an 12s7p pack out of 25Rs for only 290$ That should give me 17,5Ah and 777Wh (17,5Ah*44,4volts)

Thats a lot of power, sounds good. Do you think that two 6600mah 6s 10c in parralel would do the job?

If you use Lipos, it is important to use packs with a high C rating Preferably 50C and above I’m running 10s 5ah 60C Lipo packs and my range is maxed out at 14 miles

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Really, that high?

Yes, absolutely For minimum voltage sag and maximum range


Im getting around 15 or 20miles i think from my 12AH 30q pack… where did i miss

how exactly do the c rating and voltage effect the possible range? thought the capacity is the most important part?

HIgher c rating = less internal resistance = less voltage sag under load = more range.

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When I was riding with my full battery pack 12S 24Ah 65C at 8kW load voltage sag was like less than 1 volt


What would be the best balance between capacity and c rating? Does a higher c rating also lead to a longer lifetime?

Get the battery with the highest c rating and capacity. 5ah will get you anywhere from 15km to 20km.

Higher c rating means less internal resistance under load. A battery with low c rating will die faster than one with high c rating because you’re asking more from the battery than it can provide.

C rating is much like horse power. More hp means more power to the wheels under load, which in turn means more range.


Thanks that was really helpful.