First build, would appreciate some advice

Hey everyone,

I am planning to build my first electric skateboard. I am no experts when it comes building Eboards so I would like some advice on the parts I chose for this build.

I’m looking for a max speed of 25 - 30 km/h and a 10+ km range. My budget is around $300,-.

The parts I chose for this project are:

Deck: Blank Pup SkateBoard Deck


Trucks: Caliber II 10" Longboard Trucks

Wheels: ?

I’m not sure about the wheels yet. Any suggestions for budget quality wheels?

ESC: Single Motor ECS 10S

Motor: 6373 200KV Motor


What difference would a dual motor make? For example 2x 5055 180KV motor?

Mount: Mount and pulleys

Battery: 18650-Lithium battery pack

I’m planning to make a battery pack myself.

Are these parts compatible with each other? Should I make any improvements?

Any help or advice would be appreciated.


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Your deck and motor link do not work For cheap wheels, there’s the fake ABEC wheels, for very cheap on ebay or aliexpress, in 83mm or 90mm (maybe bigger too) 300 dollars is a little too tight of a budget… Esk8 is an expensive hobby You could do it for 300 dollars, but excluding the battery An you said you want to do it yourself ? You know how to ? What configuration are you aiming at ? cheers


Dual 6355 motors would have more torque on startup, but a single 6374 is already very good. You DON’T have the budget for dual motors :stuck_out_tongue:

(The motor you chose is fine (according to other people on this forum), but 200KV will probably be too fast for you. Use or to put in the values of your components to see final top speed and such.)

Where in the EU are you from? If you were in the UK you could get Caguama wheels from (But they have a Kegel core, so you’d need a different pulley kit / just a different wheel pulley.)

You might be able to save some money buy getting the trucks from or

Btw, although your ESC will probably work, it might break easily / not be able to drive your motor to its full potential. I recommend buying a second-hand VESC from someone on the forum.

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Thanks for the advice, I’ve never build a battery myself but figured I would be able to with some tutorials. Would you advice any lipo batteries?

Thanks! Would spending some extra money on dual motors be worth it?

I’m got the Caguama wheels you advised. Any recommandations an a VESC?

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I haven’t personally tried single motor yet (in a few months I will), but people say that the difference between dual 6355 and single 6374 isn’t that big. (Also your budget is SUPER small, dual motors means 2x the price for mounts, motors and ESC, possibly battery if you want to make it even worth it.) Don’t go dual motors for a budget build :slight_smile:

For the VESC I recommend getting a used Maytech or Torqueboards vesc from someone on the forum. Those seem to have a good reputation. (Although for your budget you might need to go with something even cheaper. Dhiko has an ESC on his ebay shop, I don’t know much about it though.)


turnigy on hobbyking is good, graphene are the best but more expensive you’ll need a balance charger too then if you’re going for lipos but lipos are easier to work with

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i’ve sent you a PM to join the dutch esk8 community. i’ll drop some links for good dutch esk8 vendors

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I looked into some options and after some research I came up with the following battery setup. Battery%20setup

Do you see any errors or things I can improve?

That single esc will not provide enough braking power to stop you. Spend a little more and buy a dual esc ($60) and dual motor. If you still want single drive go with a flipsky 4.12 vesc ($60) and 63mm motor. Flipsky vesc is not the best vesc but it’s in your price range.

Flipsky 4.12 vesc $60, Dickyho mount and gear $40, Flywheel clone 90mm wheels $40? Battery $120? Deck $50? Enclosure $60, Wires and hardwares $50, Motor $80. Trucks $50, mini rc Remote/ receiver $20

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this is correct, you can ditch the bms part and the plug to charge the battery if you want a really simple design, and get a balance charger (most of them goes up to 6s, and are cheap, look for imax b6 or imax b6ac if you don’t hav a power generator) The bms is the circuit directly plug in the battery, it’s for battery management system, it makes sure the battery are getting charges and discharge while still balanced

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But bms ($20) is pretty cheap. I think he should keep the bms.

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Thanks for the feedback! I’ll probably keep the BMS as it’s only 8$ on aliexpres.

I appreciate the advice!

I decided to go for the following setup:

Deck: 32" x 8.75" pup deck (planning on painting it blue with hexagon grip tape)

Trucks: Caliber II 10" Trucks (White)

Wheels: Caguama 85 mm (orange)

Bearings: Bones Bearings

Motor: 6373 170 kV single motor

VESC: Flipsky 4.12

Mount and pulleys: standard from Dicky

Battery: 10S 5000A Turnigy

About the bms, you have 2 configurations : charge and discharge (the “normal” one) and only discharge

This last one is the most use here because it’s more reliable : when riding, all the amp are going through the bms, so you need it to be rated over you estimated max discharge, but even then then still tend to break often-ish

Having it charge only is safer for the board, because the current is flowing through it only when it’s charging, the discharge is bypassed and goes directly to the esc

So either you go with a big and powerful bms for charge and discharge (so more expensive) or a small and cheap one for charge only (10A/15A is enough) Go check the wiring schematic, I find them quite confusing at first, how to wire everything together and else

Also, you need an antispark : with voltage that high, it creates spark when plugging everything, which is very bad for the electronics. So you can have an antispark like the one on the picture

But cheaper and way safer (the electronic ones tend to break quite often) is using a XT90S, that you plug and unplug. Okay it makes the look less clean, but it’s less of a hussle


If you want to explore different esk8 vendors, here is a website I am working on:

It is currently under constructions so quite a few things don’t work, but the main homepage works well.


The dickyho mount and pulley set is for flywheel only. If you want kegel pulleys you have to let him know. Your list looks good.

Like you I am always on a budget so I understand your goal of keeping things low cost but not buy junk parts.

What remote will you be using?

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Very helpfull!

I bought a pulley for the caguama wheels from someone on the esk8 forum so it should fit.

The remote i’ll be using is this one:


Thanks for explaining the 2 configurations. I didn’t know anything about charge and discharge.

I think I’ll go for charge only bms setup with the xt90s anti spark. I tried to make my wiring schematic less messy.

Would this setup work? (I’m bypassing the discharge in this setup right?) Battery%20setup%20V2

Do you think this BMS will be alright?