First build, would love your advice!

Hey everyone, I’ve owned a boosted v1 for a year now and want to upgrade, so I’m gonna build one! I’ve looked at diyeboard kits but keep reading it’s low quality/reliability. I’m a 190lbs (85kg) student with $1000 max budget (preferably closer to $750 if possible) and want a shortboard 30 ish inches for commuting to and from campus. I’m fine at building things so I can do a little modding if needed, but little is better. I can’t afford the best if the best but I would llike good quality that will last a while with as little maintenance as possible. Some specs I’m needing: -25 top speed -10 miles range -15 lbs or less -large torque (live in hilly area) -dual drive for better braking Sorry, im not super sure what to add! Any questions/input would be great. Or if I’m just asking for an unrealistic board, feel free to tell me that too!

For what you need, you should go with lipos. You also need a dual drive. I think your going to have a hard time building a dual drive for under $1000, and for sure $750

6374 195kv 10s lipo 16/36 100mm

If that isn’t clear to you, I would definitely suggest doing some more reading on here. Willing to help but I’m not willing to have to explain everything when its @ your fingertips. I’m not an asshole. I just don’t like having to hold someone’s hand through it.


sk8 6474 190kv (HobbyKing) sk8 esc (HobbyKing 2x5S 8000mah Zippy FlightMax’s (LiPo) OR 5x2S 8000mah Zippy FlightMax’s (LiPo) (both from HobbyKing) 10s charge only bms (i think @JLabs has some) (this makes it easier to charge the board rather than pulling it apart every time) 16/36 gearing on either 100mm’s or 90mm’s of sorts any motor mount really a cheap remote of sorts any deck you want (I used a $45 one lol) caliber trucks

Go simple, single drive with a focbox and a lot of P groups in the battery. You’ll grow out of it but then you can add another FocBox and motor and you will have twice the torque and higher speeds. Then when you growniut if that you still have a big ass battery (the biggest expense) to use on a more mature build.

Or do whatever, it’s just money :grinning:.


No it’s clear! Motor, battery, gearing, and wheel size? I’ve read a decent amount around here but definitely also need to read up a lot more! I know little about motor mounts, spacing, and lots more.


Single belt drive would you say? Any thoughts on a motor size and mount that would fit solidly to power me?

Try Torqueboards motors and mounts. collections/all?sort_by=best-selling

A 6374 motor would be good.

Lol, what kind of batteries do you use that have groups of people inside? I prefer to run mine on hamsters, so much more compact!

Manners advice is pretty good though, a dual will make it difficult to stay under budget. especially if you need a charger and all the little bits and pieces you forgot about. Get a big single and go from there.


That’s totally fair! Computer question, a focbox is used instead of a vesc right? And about batteries, I’ve hesrd lion batteries are preferred to lipos? Is that true?

Is that good for a single motor setup? Or would that only be dual?

Focbox is a kind of vesc, just a really good one. And for a single setup you may need the extra heat dissipation it has on long hills over a standard 4.12 vesc.

Get 1500 and make a much better esk8 overall, you could go dual drive with that budget, get a Jet Spud 29" or a Loaded Kut-thaka for USD 60

I suggest you go with Li-Ion batteries, they have better lifespan.

But 2 focboxes, you will only buy them once, otherwise you will struggle with blown cheap ESCs latter down the road.

Get @dickyho pulleys, 16/36T

Flipsky have cheap reliable motirs get the 6355 190kv

Use Orangatang blue caguamas they are soft and perfect for a short/light board and hold abuse pretty good

Get a mini remote, it’s the best one out there, very reliable and very cheap, it’s like USD 25 including the receiver.

@jlabs has deal for battery and enclosure, with charger and switch

Get caliber II trucks they are good and cheap like USD 50 on Amazon


This is a good option, you just need a deck products/pro1-electric-skateboard-conversion-kit

This would be the best for what you want though :arrow_down: products/pro2-electric-skateboard-conversion-kit


@JLabs, @psychotiller, @torqueboards, @oriol360, they all sell everything you need.

For a single I’d go with a 6474 190kv motor in a 10s4p or 5p pack. What kind if deck are you thinking of? @Hummie has some really nice drop decks.


Lol, I meant P groups, or parallel groups, frikking phone :grinning:

You’ll hear different terms for VESC now since Trampa? has trademarked the name VESC but they all mean what you think it does, such as FocBox.

Li-ion are generally better, but are more expensive than Li-po. The issue you will soon find out is that depending on what configuration of battery you may plan on might consume half of your budget.

Anyone had any experience with the PRO2 ELECTRIC SKATEBOARD CONVERSION KIT?

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Yeah it works well. You just need to find a deck that doesn’t flex too much.

Both can be good depending on your needs.

Lion is generally prefered as you get more charge cycles and more capacity for the size. They are more expensive though and more challenging to build a pack from.

Lipo are often prefered for mountain boards because they can have much higher amp draw then lion if you get good spec ones. Its quite easy to make a 10s or 12s pack from them compared to a lion pack of 50 cells. They are more water resistant. Also some people find lipo much easier to acquire then genuine 18650’s depending on location.