First build, would love your advice!

Can anyone tell me if there’s an advantage to having lion 12s4p vs 12s2p, aside from range? Im going to buy stuff soon, and I don’t ever see myself needing more than 10 ish miles range. Currently gonna do a single 6374 set up and the 12s2p should work well for my needs, but I would like to upgrade to dual in the future, still don’t need more than 10 mile range though. I’d like light, powerful, and around 10 miles range (which varies on set up Of course). Just want to learn more!

More P grouoos means more range AND more torque and less sag. A 12s2p would hurt my feeling :grinning:

What do you mean hurt your feeling?

Soooo much sag and very little range.

@Psmrman90 12S4P if you plan on going dual in the future. Better to buy once unless you really only want a 12S2P. More power, more capacity, more fun plus more cost.


TB has solid Kits, get the 12s4p you may want to only ride 10miles but with a bigger battery you can ride as hard as you want and not have to worry about the range, I hate having to baby my board to make it back to where I’m going.


I’m trying to fit it on a short board to carry around campus, is a 12s4p much bigger 12s2p?

Same size but thicker. Typically, we recommend a 25-26" wheelbase so most likely it won’t fit on your short board depending on how short your board is.

Short board around 35 Inches? I’m gonna make the board myself, ideally a kick tail.

As long as you have a 25-26" wheelbase it will fit. We have a 6S3P with an enclosure if you want a shorter setup but can’t remember the size. You can PM me and I can check tomorrow.

I assume 6s3p will be a significant decrease in torque, yeah?

Depends… If you’re hungry for power, yeah. But I use to enjoy a Dual 5065 260KV setup on 6S… Would get to 20-25mph quick enough… Much lighter than the typical boards you see around now. I’m sure it’s fast enough for most… but for this forum maybe not so :smile:

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I have a 6s3 with 5065 And a 12s4 with 6374 Holding the 12s for any amount of time sucks. It’s heavy. The 6s i can go grocery shopping and hold the board in my hand. Its still a fun little board.
Not super fast. But gets you places. (As long as it’s not to far. And has a place to recharge to get back home)

How fast is super fast? I’m hoping for 25 mph

My current board is a gen1 dual plus, would it be comparable to that?

I get about 24mph but I’m 200lb with my pack. But my acceleration sucks right now. Gonna change back to 40t wheel pullys. Ill be back down to 20mph but i miss the start up power. (Also my 6s battery has crap cells)

The 12s is a different story Really powerful. But not necessarily the easiest thing to pack around.

Gosh that’s a bummer, I want more power, i weigh 190 so id be in the same boat, is there any battery form 12s that is a bit wider so not so long? I plan to make the deck hollowed to fit the battery clean inside, but I won’t likely find a deck with a 20 inch wheel base.

Order one built to the size you need. @psychotiller has a beast 12s5p built and ready atm. But again. My 12s4p build is 20+lbs. Its a pain sometimes

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Only 35inch Almost 23inch wheelbase Kicktail @Eboosted makes a killer enclosure for it


Tell me this build isn’t beautiful