First Builds ! Truncated Tesseract and evolve carbon customised

I’m riding an evolve carbon - love it, but have run out of battery twice. Once going downhill not FUN. I google searched improving battery range and came across this site and endless sphere. Awesome ! I needed a new hobby !

I found a evolve carbon deck for sale with a spare remote, battery ( 2 failed cells ) esc and battery cover.

Am thinking of replacing the 2 failed cells for test purposes, not sure if I would trust this battery. I did do some discharge tests which timed out at 6500mAh with a B6 charger

I’ve bought some gullwing sidewinders and ABEC 11 83mm 75a’s and 2 3kw 170kV motors from baja boards

At first I was thinking dual motors mounted diagonally although I think one of these bad boys will give ample power! Am waiting on the vescs and I can start to play ! :slight_smile: have 2 5s 5000mAh Zippys from hobby king to start testing, will try the bluetooth evolve controller and if that doesn’t work, I have a FS-GT2B.

I am keen to build my own battery pack but have hit a few hurdles. I bought a 2 farad car audio capacitor which doesn’t hold a charge, Loses about a volt per second, my welds are not good!

Also a question regarding nickel strip, does it corrode? I think my nickel strip may not be pure. I’ve heard it’s not worth continuing with nickel plated steel due to the heat created and is harder to weld ? Is this correct ?

I searched gumtree for 3D printing services and found a guy locally who is printing me some pulleys. He’s also building an ESkate so thats cool. Have been swapping ideas. His vesc is due next week so he will be starting much earlier than I. I can learn from his mistakes ! :smiley:

While trolling for cheap longboards on the local classifieds I found a new truncated tesseract with caliber 2’s and orangatang kilmers for $250 AUD. Will ditch the kilmers and go with something softer and bigger for clearance. I have 2 Sk3 5065’s 236kV again will probably stick with one motor to keep weight down and I only have two vescs ordered.

Has anyone ever seen a pulley for the Zombie Hawgs ?

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Be careful with those sidewinder trucks, They’re good for carving at low speed 10mph but there unstable and not recommended for higher speeds like 20+mph

I beg to differ. Stable to 30mph (but not much more)with stupid stiff venoms


Nice Wheels!

I dont recommend using 3d printed pulleys if you dont have a printer at home, Ive done around 60 kilometers on my 36tooth abs pulley it still holding up but the teeth do wear down aftertime plus whre abouts from australia are you from?

The sidewinders are a little prone to speed wobbles I have them on my carbon evolve. Have tweaked them a bit for stability, loose front tight rears but yes. Most fun around 25km per hour mark. Are the calibers more suited for higher speed? Have a bracket from enertion for the sk3 for the tesseract which will probably be my first build. Want a light weight option for commuting. Am in Brisbane Australia. Whats a good esc for 10s ? Besides the vesc.

Calibers are good for stability

Are those venom bushings 95a 97a? Also, what is the stock evolve’s bushing rating?

I had split set up, venom 98a in back, and bones hard bushings in front.

Wouw that is insanely cheap for a tesarect. sweet deal !

So I got my vescs :slight_smile: powered both up - no problems so far. Timely email from Jason about the power cable shorting potential - I have insulated the cable further, will clip the pins and put a blob of silicon on them.

Am using a GT2B and have connected it up and the default enertion settings work. I have adjusted slightly the min max pulse width to get dead centre.

don’t seem to have great resolution though, power peaks at about 61%. All the acceleration is happening between 50 - 60 %,

Measured power is only 50w which is suprising to me. What is an expected figure for a motor under no load ?

One is rated at 1500w the other 3000w

Will I see these characteristics change under load ?

evolves stock bushing is 95a

Oh my! Those hubs! :heart_eyes: What are they?