First Built - Dual 6355, 10s3p, Photon Remote, Master Cho Enclosure

Intro For my first build I decided to go kinda hard, why not a little trial by fire. I’ve been saving up to buy something like a boosted or one-wheel but though 2 things: I could definitely make something better and I want to build this thing by myself, I am studying engineering after all. My college is very flat but where I live (San Francisco/Bay Area) has quite a few hills. I wanted a board that could do well in both.

Parts Board: Loaded Tan Tien or Dervish Sama Controller/Remote: Photon Remote Trucks: Caliber II 50 VESC: Dual FOCBOX Motor: Dual Torque Board Sensored 190Kv 6355 Motor Mount: Unik Boards Core Dual Motor Mount Battery: 10s3p 25r by @barajabali Enclosure: @MasterCho Large Carbon Fiber Wheels: Orangatang Kegel Belt Drive System: Unik Boards

I will update the thread when I get back from College and begin building the board.


@shanana1911 what’s up man. Want me to post some pics of that flexible pack on here?

I’m just waiting on the bms to arrive

This was prior to welding or anything. It flexes a lot more under pressure,. That is just from gravity


@barajabali Looks great! Cant wait to put it all together!

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