First Diy build need advice

HI, I have a 600-800 budget to build a board I could also buy one but would prefer to build. I have some decently large and steep hills in my area I dont need to go too fast 25 mph top speed is fine other then that I dont have anything else that I need to conform to I was thinking about buying the flipsky vesc 4.2 pro but have heard bad things I came from the RC community so I have a nice lipo/life/lion ect battery charger I also have a 3d printer so In theory I can print some parts please leave any advice product recommendations ect thanks for any help

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Are you the same person from yesterday :joy:

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bumppppppp a roonie


Thirsty for that broski status aye? :rofl:

I would suggest buying a USED, burnt board, or dead battery. Then, you put in a good batt, or vesc, and voila, major upgrade. And, you still built some.