First diy build, part/kit recommendation

Hi, I want to build an electric longboard but find it very difficult to find the parts I need to achieve what I want. I have therefore chosen to look at various kits that contain most of what I need, but since I have no experience in electric longboarding, I hope you with more experience can come up with some input.

I want to build a board that has good range (25km ish) and a top speed of around 50km / h. Do you think it is possible to achieve these requirements with a budget of 1350 $ / 1200 €?

I’ve looked at different kits, which I’ll link to at the end of this post.

I can also say that I live in Norway, so it would be very good if it is possible to send to Norway :slight_smile:

I am about 188cm tall and weigh about 90kg.

One big plus would be the ability to change from regular longboard wheels to all terrain wheels and 110mm wheels.

The kits ive been looking at is:


Not sure on shipping, but must add to this list.


Cant argue on the price of that one, almost seems a bit to cheap lol. Have you tried it yourself?

Be careful with the import taxes on some of those

I haven’t, but reports are good and the seller has a great reputation.

Yeah thats true, hoping to find a small walkaround for that. Maybe Ask them to post a lower price on the package or mark it as a gift.

Only to bad they dont ship to norway :frowning:

I would check. I can’t remember his tag here, but he’s @buildkitboards over on forum.

If you are in Europe go with Streetwing

Thanks, ive sent them an email asking when the esc will be back in stock. Do any of you know of a good calculator that would help me figure out the gear ratio?


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Wow, that was fast, thank!

Streetwing - best customer service. but how do they still have focbox’s. I would do the following Evolve Trucks $100US Custom 63mm motor mounts $60 -120 Evolve 83mm kit (on sale) $80. Wheels and pulleys Flipsky 4.12 dual plus vesc $180 Flipsky VX1 remote $40 2 x flipsky 6354 motors $160 Diye enclosure $60 on amazon Deck and battery ?? Then add evolve AT kit $160

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Ait will check into that, thinking about getting a pre build battery, guess thats a good place to start instead of making one myself. Is the fucbox a good vesc? The price is very different from sites to sites.