First DIY Build

Hello ESk8 Community!

I am looking to build my first electronic skateboard :grin:.

Here are some of things I would like to achieve:

  • Speeds of 22+ MPH
  • Range of 15+ miles

I live in a hilly area (Seattle) and weigh ~175 lbs.

If willing, I would love some part suggestions that would allow me to achieve the above speed and range!

Cheers :grinning:

I would recommend a dual motor setup and a liion battery pack. Is there a certain budget for your build?

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Thanks @Jake2k17!

Around $800 would be great but I could flex up to $1,500.

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I totally agree dual is the way to go for the benefits of low end torque however will increase your build cost by prob 35%

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At least 12s4

For a performance build it’s hard to get done for less than 1,500 you may want to consider buying a used prebuilt or good quality used DIY but if you want to do your own build get quality parts: Focbox, 6374’s and a 30q battery.

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Nice plug lol

you can go for 12s4p in 30q’s (it’d be perfect) but if you’re wanting to save some money have a look on hobbyking at some LiPo’s. Your best bet would either be 6x2s 8000mah or 3x4s 8000mah and so on. Have a look at some pre built esk8’s that are on here for some inspiriation.and like what @ksfacinelli said, twin 6374’s and focbox’s will also be great. Don’t forgot to factor in the time it takes. Also, a good BMS never hurts either and makes charging a whole lot easier

For his requirements he definitely does not NEED to go 12s… I have 10s builds that have tons of torque and go 35+mph… Just saying. Nothing wrong with 12s, but if you are just trying for mid 20s with 15miles range, a 10s4p or 10s5p would be plenty…

Edit: especially for a first build.



This should be a pretty good list:

2x Torqueboards 6374 motors Torqueboards 218 trucks Torqueboards mounts and pulleys (16-36 maybe) 2x FOCbox @JLabs 10s3p battery or custom Metr module(Bluetooth) Wheels of choice-maybe kegals or flywheels Deck of your choice Enclosure of your choice


I’m building my electric longboard too and had some problems with the trucks, wheels and motor mounts. Before choose something, check if you don’t need anything more specific.

Wow, thanks for all of the information and help guys!

Looks like I have a lot of information to digest and sift through over the next week.

I’ll post some more updates with what I find and what parts I’m interested in.

Thanks again!

Yes and try not to jerry rig it and do a lot or research, you will spend more money fixing your mistakes than if you bought quality parts from the start

I definitely don’t want to jerry rig it! Do you guys have any suggestions as to build threads that show masterful craftsmanship and aesthetics? I was looking at some of whitepony’s threads and his attention to detail and would love to gather some other examples too :slight_smile:.

deckoz ones are good

@Eboosted @Deckoz


I would check out @Eboosted darth maul build, and maybe @jackw vanguard build. The darth maul is by far the most sexy board on the forum

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Agree Darth Mail is on if my all time favorites @Eboosted is a master craftsmen however that baby is well over $1,500. It is to bad @hunmie is sold out of his latest hubs would be perfect for what you are looking for however you should look at his deck it is by far my favorite. The key is to try to keep things simple as possible but retain performance.

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