First DIY, choosing the right electronics

I’m new to DIY E-boards and the hardest part so far has been choosing the right electronics for my board. If someone would be so kind as to check my parts, that are they OK? I’ve read quite a lot, but it may be that I understood something wrong.

Parts are from HobbyKing Europe warehouse. Motor, Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 Outrunner 280kV ESC, HobbyKing® ™ X-Car Beast Series ESC 1:8 Scale 120A (EU Warehouse) Battery, Turnigy Graphene Professional 8000mAh 6S 15C LiPo Pack w/XT60 (EU Warehouse) Remote and receiver, Rocksta 4WS Transmitter w/Two-In-One Waterproof Receiver and ESC (EU

I’m not sure about the remote, ESC, and battery. Battery should be 120 Amps, but would it be better to buy two smaller mAh and bigger C value? Also I’m going with 15/30 gearing ratio. This build is something around 10-15mph and its around my target.

Parts seems good to me except the TX, RX with built-in ESC. Just buy a normal GT2B/E otherwise you cannot use the X-Car Beast ESC!

How did you calculate the desired speed? I have made the calculation with 83mm wheels (do you use 83mm wheels??)

Calculation = 24mph

motor and esc are lookin good. (i ride the x-car beast 150a and it´s great :slight_smile:) go with atleast a 25c rating battery- higher c rating - less celldrift - more juice - more range - more fun! i´d take two 3s zippy 8000mah 30c. also take atleast 10awg wires. i´m not sure about that reciever and remote. and why are you targeting 10-15mph?

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120A is already fine IMO…[quote=“TarzanHBK, post:3, topic:10217”] and why are you targeting 10-15mph? [/quote]

Shall we ask every question twice? :stuck_out_tongue:

like i said, better have a bit room to avoid drifts. 15c is the maximum that battery could take, so not a good idea.

damn you daniel! :smile: i was typing slower and didn´t saw your comment :monkey:

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Okay, i do agree. I still think 120A is plenty and has enough room but the more the better :wink:

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Thanks for quick replies! I check the battery and remote again. I calculated my 15mph with Calc RC (and first I tought 10/30 gearing) My tires are only 60mm, but I think that I have to buy new bigger ones. I just tried to say that I’m not daredevil so the speed isn’t the thing. So now the theoretical top speed with 60mm looks like 22mph and with 83mm 30mph.

I assume that 60mm wheels for a 30T pulley is too small. The ride is not that comfortable either.[quote=“MrAFCMAGIC, post:7, topic:10217”] Thanks for quick replies! [/quote]

No problem


No one makes a pulley kit for 60mm wheels. The lowest you can go without some drilling or something would be 80mm Kegels. My 36T pulley is almost the diameter of my 70mm wheel. Don’t think 30T will fit on a 60.

I found this FS GT2 2CH 2.4G Radio Remote Control Transmitter and Receiver from Ebay. I think this is almost the same product that Hobbyking sell with other name?

The new batteries are 2x 3s 8000mAh in series:

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the rockstaa complete set you have should work, im currently using it with my 120a hobbyking boat esc

For the ESC, download the software from:

They are the real manufacture of the ESC and LCD programmer… and the software actually works… I have the same esc, works great ! zippy 8000mah cells in a 6S setup, works great ! send PM if you need software help

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looks good now! have fun building :slight_smile:

Make sure to do two 3S batteries for more clearance.

I’m still wondering the batteries. Is it much more hassle to charge two 3S batteries than only one 6S battery? If I set two 3S with 30C in series, is it 6S with 30C?

Pros with one 6S are:

  • Easier wiring
  • Easier charging

6S cons:

  • Its BIG and fat

And then pros with two 3S batteries:

  • Thin
  • may be a bit cheaper

Two 3S cons:

  • more hassle with wiring and charging
  • not so newbie friendly

i currently have 2x 3s batteries, and 2x 6s batteries. i can say, if your using trucks and risers then 6s batteries should be fine (going of multistar lipo’s) wiring 2 x 3s batteries in series is not hard at all, you can buy a series connector from hobbyking and its just a matter of plugging in 2 connectors. with a 6s its more convenient to charge but having 2x 3 S isn’t really a big change since its a quick change

Do you think the x car beast esc has good brakes for esk8 ?

sure! you´re able to set them up via a programmer card. Not the most silent brakes but thats normal with an car esc.

I have been using hobby kings x car 120a car esc a while ago. It was on my first board, so I was pretty happy with it. After a while I got tired if the noisy brake though. It sounds like an old trian braking. Therefore I orderd the FVT 120a EAC from Banggood. They were both faulty when thwy arrived but they replaced them after I made a viseo documenting the it. When receiving the working ones, I was very happy with them! Thwy are certainly good for the price! You just have to be prepared that some of them are / get faulty. I guess you get what you pay for.

Of course I would recommend the VESC if you want the best riding experience, but as a first build I would recommend the FVT120 esc and the one from Hobby King if you want it a little bit faster.

Hi, I connected an Xcar 120A with my Turnigy SK3 280kv but the motor doesn’t work. What can I do to solve this problem?