First DIY dual 6355 | 12S4P | EVO

hello everyone,

because my meepo v2 has become too lame for me I wanted to switch to a DIY setup. I would like to have a dual beast ( Unfortunately the price with a 12S4P battery would be around 2k Euro.

Therefore I would like to build one myself with the kit from street-wing (

Unfortunately I can’t find a 12S4P battery with BMS and Powerswitch from Europe. Does anyone have an idea?

With the kit + battery, Enclosure + Evo Deck I should have everything, right?

You’re gonna need an enclosure and charger too, but other than that you’re only missing cosmetic items

need to find someone from eu who builds 12S4P Batteries. told me 560Euro for 12S4P.

@pjotr47 check dis


Thnx mate! But at this moment, I am still in trouble with the certificates.

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hey, can you tell me a fair price for a 12S4P with BMS, powerswitch and LED? 560Euro sounds alot to me or is this normal?

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Pjotr’s custom battery pack thread has prices, so it would be around 320€ + shipping. You can ask a few other EU battery builders here on the forum how much they would ask for building one, but keep in mind it probably won’t be as cheap. 560€ does sound like a lot, but if the shipping is free, and time is important to you, might not be the worst deal in the world.


Also @Acido ?

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Thanks for reccomending me, my wait list is pretty crowded at the moment :slight_smile: I will pm you the price and waiting time when i come home

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okay thank you! :slight_smile:

What about this 10S4P Battery

is this good or is samsung 30Q better? (less sag)?

We have a 12s4p for international it’s $530 USD. Although, double stacked.

I know thanks but to germany i also have to pay import tax?