First DIY project

I’d been looking at buying an evolve eboard for the last few months but I’m pretty fond of my Sector 9 Daisy longboard.

Recently I picked up an Ownboard W1s on Facebook marketplace from a nice dude who had never skated prior to the W1s. He has a bad stack and never skated again.

I set out to take all of the electronic parts off of the Ownboard and fit them onto my beloved Downhill Division Daisy.

I needed longer screws as my deck is curved and the W1s is flat.

I decided to run the cables under the deck instead of chopping into the wood ontop; mostly because I wanted to keep my original grip tape.

Some double sided tape and a plastic cord housing to give a small level of protection to the underneath cables.

I used a $5 yogo mat between the board and the casings to provide vibration dampening and a level of weatherproofing.

And I picked up some Shredlights for night rides.

It’s first test run went great! Until I got home and saw that I’d lost about 7 nuts because I used the standard nuts that came with the screws.

I went to Bunnings (Aussie hardware store) and picked up some rubber rimmed nuts which seems to have fixed the issue. The guy working there thought it was hilarious that I “lost my nuts”.

I plan on upgrading this more in the future but for now I’m just happy that I’ve finally got my favourite board set up properly!