[First draft] BoringBoard | 42" Twintip | Chinese Trucks | 192kv sk8 | Custom Mount | 10S | Focbox

First draft parts list. Can someone take a look and tell me what’s awful about it?

Hope everyone’s ok with a google sheet.

The purpose of the board will be for commuting mostly, as well as getting in and out of town, and getting to some parts of my campus. There are some tracks and paths around me that I’d like to go fast on. The area around me is very flat as well.

My plan is fairly typical. The only two major differences are I will be building my own battery and enclosure, as well as welding on the motor mount and I may end up making my own motor mount at my university workshop.

I have quite a few questions about parts that I’m just not 100% sure about, I’ll go in the order they’re listed:

BMS: Has anyone had experience with this deligreen BMS? I might just go with the best tech one everyone uses but this one looks pretty decent and they’ve replied to all my messages.

Motor: Do you think 192kv is a good choice or should I go down a bit?

VESC: Very concerned about the vesc breaking, I’ve mostly heard good things about the focbox but will it be enough current wise?

Mount: Do you think there’s a better alternative? I can buy the pulley and belt on their own. I can even make my own mount but the university staff are very reluctant about non essential machine usage. (I’m using 97mm wheels)

Deck: I think the deck is fine, I’m still deciding if I want the batteries at the front with leads running to the back, the battery is gonna be 18cm (7 inches) long or so. Thoughts? I listed another deck to the right of it that’s a bit cheaper, so hard to know if what you’re looking at will be good enough.

Remote: I’ve seen other people use this one but if you think there’s a better or cheaper alternative let me know.

Charger: I think [email protected] is fine for the price however I don’t want to get a cheapo charger that breaks. I will be using XLR even though I only need 2 pins. Also just double checking, I’m using a 10ah battery, so I can hypothetically go up to 8A-10A safely? I can’t find a charger with that sort of current for a decent price but if you know of one or have one to sell I’ll take a look.

This is the wiring diagram I’m gonna be using (except it’s a single motor setup). Credit goes to b264

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192kv is perfect on 10s. also what trucks are you using? you’d be best off using torqueboards’ 218mm trucks. Also did you mention you wanted to use sk3’s or sk8’s?

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sk8 10 char

yeo that’ll be just fine. it makes 4400w at full power apparently (100a motor Max) so you’ll be just fine :+1:t2: