First e-board budget build

Hi everyone! First, for me it is hard to write English so I will use google translator, sorry errors. My first idea was to make a mountain board, or al terrain board, but I understand that this should be a dual engine, and the budget increases considerably, practically double, so for now I discard this idea, and I have decided to make a single engine longboard for quiet ride, and maybe in the future, I can use these components to mount a mountain board partially.

These are the components that I have thought so far, I would appreciate any suggestions and warnings, since I am surely making some mistakes in the choices.

-Motor PROPDRIVE v2 5060 270KV - 45€

-90mm wheels - 29€

-Kit pulley, belt and motor mount - 22€ón-Herramientas/dp/B073GWX3HK/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1506023151&sr=8-1&keywords=longboard%2Bdiy&th=1

-Remote control and receptor - 22€ón-Herramientas/dp/B073GX83NH/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1506023151&sr=8-1&keywords=longboard%2Bdiy&th=1

-VESC Thinking on diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/vesc-the-best-electric-skateboard-esc/ but I’m not sure if it’s the best option, in this section I especially need suggestions.

-Batteries I think 6s can be a good starting point, according to some calculations that I could do in ESK8 Calc, could get a top speed of 33.2 km / h. Maybe 10s is a better option for the future? I hear suggestions here.

As you can see, in the electronic part is where I have more doubts and I need your experienced opinion.

This is my current board

Thank you so much everyone!

I wouldn’t got with such a high KV for a small 50mm motor.

This would be better as it’s lower KV:

Hoever this will probably be best:

Also, be prepared to drill into your trucks to keep that motor mount stationary…

Maybe a larger engine for single engine is more suitable? there is no problem in raising the budget for motor in 20-30 €

I’d go for the SK3 6364


Or this:

That being said, I have the SK3 5065 236kv on a single drive build and it’s ample for me…

At first sk3 245kv was my first choice, then in this video I saw that the performance is quite similar, and given the budget, it seems that the NTM is winning

Maybe should not match the conclusions in a single engine configuration?

Those are smaller can motors and as you say, it’s a dual drive so they’re working together…

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Do not buy that pulley kit, I bought a very similar one and have had nothing but trouble with it. Make sure you get HTD5 pulleys and belts


Thanks, i keep the info. They look good quality and the price is right. Any place where you can buy only the mount at a viable price?

eBay, I have the mount and it works great after I changed the grub screws for m6 bolts and drill slots in the truck for the bolts

Not sure how much of a budget you’re on, but these general consensus on the best setup is 10S 170-230kV and a VESC. After that you can tune how much power you’re looking for using amp limits on the VESC.

What is the typical configuration for getting 10s? 5 x 2s? It seems that the configurations with 3s, are more economical, with the same type of battery: 10s = 2s x 5 und = 78 € 12s = 3s x 4 und = 79 €