First e-board build in Africa (the black jaguar)

Hi guys , abdelhadi here from Morocco, if you never heard of it, it’s right next to spain but in the african continent :smiley: well i started my build in november and i just finished it , it was a long journey of learning trial and error, i started skateboarding about a year ago then i discovered eboarding and loved it, so i decided to build my own board , and here is the final result :smiley: i beleive i am the first person to build a board in africa or at least in morocco lol, i would like to thank all of you for this great community and the amount of information that is in this forum and other places , i may do a build thread later if i have some free time, here are some pics of the board i havn’t tested it yet lol its almost 3 am here and i will ride right after i wake up lol


Looks great! Well done

Did you have any difficulties acquiring parts?

Reverse front truck of the board? the truck nut should be face outward rite?

Yes the truck is backwards

King pins out

Good on stable or carving? any advantage of kingpins out?

That’s the only way to setup a board

you are right guys i didn’t pay attention last night once i stood on the board i figured it out , i fixed it and tried it and its awesome hhhh i am still getting used to the nunchuck but so far everything wonderful just need to tighten the motor mount a bet

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Nice built. Is that a wood core in sandwich between two CF layers?

Hi abdelhadi this is great. I’m in casablanca and I would be interested to see the board. Great job.

yes bro it was a pain , the international shipping sucks, the vendors really need to check other shipping solutions , i woke in the ecommerce business and i ship stuff all around the world, i can’t beleive to buy a vesc you have to pay 40$ thats is absurd

i didn’t build the board itself , i got it ready its a long island board i guess they are a european company

ohh a moroccan in the house niiice, well i am in agadir bro not casa

Nope! I shipped parts to South Africa last month. Someone else is riding an E-board in your neighborhood :sunglasses:

Was it hard riding with your trucks mounted backwards? LOL

Hopefully they post up too! Welcome to the forum


lol well i would take second that’s not a bad position either lol and no man i am not that stupid i figured it out last night before riding lol it was just a long day and staying up till 3 am did some damage to my brain as well lol thank you

I’ve had many of those nights! Have fun

Hey dude! Nice build, but sadly not the first on the continent :wink: I live in South Africa and built mine last year, and I know of one or two others in Cape Town that have done similar. Totally agree about the super-expensive shipping costs!

Love the name bro !

lol no worries mate you can take the first place i am cool with the 4th place lolz, i kind of knew that if there is anyone it would be from south africa lolz

thanks bro lolz

I like your enclosure… any information on how that went together?