First E-Board build on a low budget!

Don’t know what you mean by rounded but I think it has three prongs.

how much for all of it :stuck_out_tongue: and in what kind of state is it? (new,used)?

Once I finally get all of the components for my build, I’m planning on upgrading my deck. I like the shape of these two, but would the flex of the bamboo be too much for an enclosure on the bottom? Is it something truck spacers could counter?

I’d be more inclined to go with the Maple deck. the bamboo decks that I have ridden have been too flexy and not responsive enough for my liking.

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I have used that exact deck in maple!

Made a board for my younger brother.

Super stiff like a rock. Good ride overall good choice.

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Hey guys, I have a question about my electronics.

I recently got my parts from @stuxtruth in the mail, (ESC, Motor, Batteries, GT2B in Badwolf) and when trying to do a quick test, it seems when i turn the controller on, the receiver senses it, but the motor goes haywire and starts spinning out of control. I have been reading, and it seems the solution would just be a bind cable that plugs into the receiver? I never got one with my order from him, and he seems to have been M.I.A. recently so he hasn’t been able to get back to my messages.

Could someone link me the correct part to fix this please?

On the receiver you have channel 1,2, and 3. The other one may say 5v or battery? That one is usually for binding. If you jump the 2 outside pins (skip the middle one) it will put it in bind mode. Once it’s bound remove the jumper and you should be set.

Also, did you try the other channels on your receiver? It looks like you’re plugged into the wrong one.

yeah, I initially had it plugged into channel 2 I believe, but had the same result. I looked at a video online and someone had the ESC plugged into the top channel. He then plugged a “bind clip” thing into a lower channel and bound the remote from there. My problem is i didn’t get a bind/jump cable thing I think

You don’t need one. Just use a wire and aligator clips to jump the outside pins. Any wire will do.All the binding plug is is a mini loopkey

Ok, which pins exactly do i need to use to do so?

the 2 outside pins in the battery slot on most receivers. skip the middle pin.

I’ll try this out soon! I appreciate it!

I plan on using @psychotiller 's motor mount, along with my belt from enertion, and a 36t to 14t setup. The distance calculators online were no help, but will my belt fit this motor mount fine?

What belt size is the belt you bought from enertion? My center to center distance is 60mm, which is more compact that enertion’s…With my mount you’ll need a 255 or you can get the optional idler pulley with my new mount and enertion’s belt will work.

mine is a 265 I believe!

Me thinks you’ll be getting an optional idler pulley

pics of optional; idler pulley?

No pics yet! Will have then soon