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First E-longboard. Can someone double check my parts before I buy them?

So I think I have the major parts picked out. Just want someone else to look at them before I buy it all.

I am going more for range than speed on this, as I want to use it to get to/from work (~7-8mi distance), but I also want to to go at a reasonable pace so I don’t have to leave 1hr early :stuck_out_tongue:

Link to my parts list (use the arrows at top to go through it all):

Will my battery be enough? Or do i need to get a 6s?

Going to use the 70mm wheels I already have, and will make the motor mount myself

Am I missing anything? Does this look good? Any comments/suggestions???

change the esc and battery to 6s minimum. 4s will get you nowhere fast.

could i just get 2 of those batteries and put them in series? and then get a higher esc?

You could definitely do a 2x4s for a total of 8s 10Ah. You would obviously need a different esc.

Ok, so I think I am going to go with a 6s battery (and esc) instead.

Can i use this one?
Or should i go with this one?

I am currently using two Multistar 6s 8Ah Lipo pack in parallel and it works decently. I am upgrading from parallel to series to gain more power but the pack itself did not disappoint me.

If i did 8s, would i be able to use this? or would it not be high enough amps?

You want a car ESC bare minimum. Not an airplane or helicopter.

Like torque boards said, you want a car ESC minimum. Heli and boats aren’t very useful for how we use them. Most people on the forum will push you towards spending the extra bucks to get the VESC as it is customized for our uses and pretty roughly stress tested.

Its looking like that may be the way i go, because i think i want to do 2x 4s 10ah batteries, and i can not find any car ESC that handle 8s (that are not ridiculously priced.) Where would be the best place to get a VESC?

If you’re in the US, EnertionBoard and OllinBoardCo and the two goto sources. Ollin has a bit of premium but many people on the forms will attest that he has a very strong product. Make of that what you will. Enertion is cheaper but their next batch isn’t expected until the end of the month.

We also have the VESC as well as will have all the wire adapters and such with some heatsink items as well. product/vesc-the-best-electric-skateboard-esc/ - We are currently sold out of the current batch but next batch is in progress. We are based in California.