First eboard, motor, Vesc6, battery please help me :)

Hello everyone,

I am in process of building my first board. And I need help with some thing like every new empty head like me. :slight_smile:

I have already: Trampa street carver deck HolyPro, Trampa ultimate truck, Superstar hubs, Urban street tire Mini direct with Helical

And now I dont know what next… I would like to use Turnigy sk3 6374 149kv with sensor:

but I dont know if It is good idea with Vesc6 And also I dont know what type of battery I should to buy

Please help Thank everybody

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You speak about sk3 but linked sk8 motor. What you want? Both will work with a vesc6. Why you think it wouldn’t? Battery is up to your preference. Depending on your range, discharge and top mount or below the deck.

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Sorry, I made a mistake. I would like own sensored motors. And Sorry but I really don’t know nothing about it. Can You help me with this settings, please? I live in city and Let’s say I would like to drive about 20-30km,30-50 km/h Is It possible? Iam Sorry for my english

I would do more research before you buy more things otherwise you’ll buy twice.

That’s a sick first build :ok_hand:

Do you ride with bindings?

The easiest way would be to topmount 2x6s Lipos in series for 12s.

If you want an enclosure under the deck you need a flexible or segmented enclosure and flexible Li-ion battery which is quite tricky if you do it yourself.

Regarding the motor, the SK8 works but the shaft is too long so you have to cut it. With helicals you must have washers between motor bearing and motor gear on the shaft. The SK8 has a 6mm deep hole with 10mm diameter between the bearing and the motor plate. You need special brass tubes with 9mm outer diameter. You can order them at Trampa (with 6.5mm length or you cut the original ones which are included) and close the gap with washers (best is to also order 8mm washers in different thickness like 0.2mm 0.5mm and 1mm).

With 1:4 gearing your top speed is about 50km/h



Hey man!

Yeah sure get “sensored motors” when you can get them. Its not hard to set it up in the “vesc tool” or “bldc tool”. From 0 you acceleration will be much smoother. Sometimes the “motor detection” wont work 3 times and the next try it works but dont worry. Do you want to go single or “dual drive”? For a mountainboard only for street it should be alright with single drive but to ride into some terrain and to climb some steeper hills I wouldnt go single drive. You can go 40-50km/h even with single drive but brakes with single drive arent that good. But thats all a thing of how much you want to drain your battery/range and of course the config in the vesc.

Next you need a battery you can go for “Lipo” or “Li-ion 18650 packs”. For your first board I would recommend lipo 2x 5s Lipo in series or 2x 6s Lipo in series. But you dont have to there are many other ways! Just read or watch some videos about “cells, volts, c ratings and lipos or Li-ion” there are much quick videos!:slight_smile:

Get an “enclosure” and think about where and how you want to add it! There are ways to put it under the board but the trampa decks flex and you will slam it to the ground when you want to jump and land hard or not paying attention to it. So I put stuff at the top.

There are still some things like “Bms or Balance Charger, Remote and Reciever” any many small things left. You will find out!

Just search the words in the apostrophes it in the forum or google it. You will find much info!:slight_smile:

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Thank you for your answer…

Yes I have Ratchet binding for this setup… And I don’t need to have batteries under the deck.

And thanks for washers and special brass tubes informations, I take note of it! But for now I exactly don’t know what’s going on until I see it.

I’m not going to be a professional builder which will build new e-boar every 6 months. I just want to own one good board and that’s all. if any part will destroyed I will buy exactly the same thing. So I don’t want to learn the things too much, because it is so many things to know.

About Battery: So if I understand it well, for 1motor - sk8 6374 149kv I need battery 6s2p And for 2 motors - 12s4p ??

Can you send me just a link to buy a battery? it doesn’t matter how much it will cost. I would like to use sk8 6374 149kv and Vesc6+ and battery. I will use “dual drive”

Thank you


thank you so much for your answer.

Ok I will take sensored.For sure :slight_smile: And I want to go with “dual drive”
2x sk8 6374 149kv sensored, 2x Vesc6+ Could you help me with the recommendation for the battery to buy exactly? by the link? I don’t need have to batteries under the board…

Thank you for everything

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sure, where are you US or EU?

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I live in Prague - Czech Republic.( EU )

it doesn’t matter how much it will cost. I want just the best :slight_smile: I read that Jens use SONY VTC6, 12s4p on this turnigy 6374 149kv…

thank you

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SK3 Motors are good :slight_smile:

So are Sony VTC6 and 30q

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take a look at

he’s based in Belgium and has good shipping rates in EU. also sells good quality parts

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Thank you, I will check it…

Hello, I am still waiting on Your link to battery pack. Can I buy already connected 12s4p battery pack? Thank You

hey man, sorry I was a bit busy.

First you need to tell me how far you want to ride. You want to take Lipos?

You can take bigger 8-10Ah lipo or for a board not that heavy about 5Ah (5000 mAh). You have to think about getting a bms or a balance charger for the batteries of your well.

Just search for Lipo lets say for a 12s Lipo you need 2x 6s or you also can 6x 2s if you want and the capacity you need and dont take the cheapest ones. You will buy twice. Watch for the c rating. Also you need to connect them in series.

In addition, I would recommend you to find out a bit about the “basics” and things yourself in the forum or videos. Otherwise things will go wrong really quickly and you’ll be annoyed twice afterward, believe me :slight_smile:

The carver will not take dual 6374. The truck is not wide enough. There is a new best box for sale in the next days. Takes twin VESC 6 and 16000 mAh batteries, hidden wires, very clean, plenty of range, simple wiring. It does look very sexy in combo with a 35 Short deck and only fits in combo with the wider MTB trucks.

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pictures? :smiley:

They just arrived. We will post something on instagram soon.



I want to use ultimate 16 inch for that. And urban treads wheels… and Twin Vesc6 also… I have this everything in basket now. I saw video on YouTube: And there is this deck and trucks I think…