First Electric Longboard l On a Budget l Need to Climb Hills l Custom Motor Mount

Hello everyone, my name is Ethan and this is my first electric skateboard build. I’ve been reading a lot and I’ve slowly compiled a list of parts. However, I want to make sure everything works together, and I hope that some more experienced builders can give me suggestions.

Here is my parts list []

My goal with this build is to have a reliable but affordable board. My main necessity is to get up semi-steep hills as there are a lot in my town. I plan to ride this every week day and will need to ride up these hills every day as well. I do want a somewhat speedy board though (~20MPH?). I hope to stay around $400, but it’s not a super tight budget. Are there any changes/additions I should make?

Also, I was wondering where I should put the motor. I saw somewhere that you should have it on your heel, but I’m not sure if it should be front or back.

Thanks in advance, Ethan

For hill climbing your going to want dual motors, or a really low top speed. Realistically you’re not going to be able to build a board from scratch for 400 bucks.

Below are a couple screenshots of shopping carts from Torqueboards and Hobbyking, they include everything you will need for the specs you’ve listed.

That is pretty much the cheapest way to build a dual motor board. You could save roughly 200USD by going single motor. However that being said, you won’t have good hill climbing ability on a single motor 6S board.

Keep in mind, on top of that you will need a deck, some wire, connectors and possibly some tools depending on what you already have. You will also have to figure out some sort of enclosure. Also, don’t use velcro, I can speak from personal experience that even the industrial strenght stuff is not strong enough to hold your batteries on while going over a bumpy road.

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Thanks for the help. Do you think a 190KV single motor setup would be sufficient for hills? I don’t think I will have the budget for dual. As for the velcro, do you mean that velcro won’t work alone? I found a project box that I plan to put everything in and then secure with velcro. Will that work/was that what you were talking about? If the velcro doesn’t work, then what do you suggest?

Thanks again

Yeah I just put a few strips of high stenght velcro on my deck and then a couple on my box, it didn’t work so well.

Your gear ratio is what defines your torque/top speed ratio. You’ll need a lot of torque to climb hills. TB sells 36/13 and 36/16, and enertion sells 36/15 so those are the limitations. In order to get a top speed of 20mph on 6S with 83mm wheels and a 36/16 ratio you will need a 280kV motor, as seen on the calculations screenshot. With dual motors, the top speed stays the same, but the torque doubles. With the same setup, on a 190kV motor your top speed will be 15mph. Basically, the lower top speed you have, the more hill climbing ability you will have.

You can play around with some setups here:

Now, I have no experience with a single motor build, so I can’t really tell you if that would be enough to get up hills.

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Ok thanks for the help. I will look into some different setups and ideas to secure everything in my enclosure.

I’d second that. With $400 you’re definitely not going to get good hill climbimg and a top speed of 20 MPH. Maybe one (and I think the 20 MPH will probably be cheaper) but it’s a big maybe at that, but not both. Sorry :frowning:

Ok I understand. I think I would rather have the ability to climb hills then 20MPH top speeds. I will look into different setups and update the post once I decide. Thanks for the help.

get this kit from @JLabs with the big 6374 motor and 6s esc.

get 2 3s 5000mah

83mm flywheel clones

a cheap ebay deck

caliber 2 trucks

a motormount

16/32 or 34 gearing

if you´re not too heavy (below 80kg) this should be ok for nearly any hill (not the super extreme ones) and my budget way to go.

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also this is easy upgratable if you want a bit more power after a bit of riding.

just throw an other 3s battery in there for 9s and replace the esc for a vesc.


Just something from my perspective. I am close to 200lbs and ride a single 6374 168KV motor with a 8S 8000maH battery and 97mm wheels I tried a VESC on it and it was, IMHO, not great, (On my dual I have VESCs and there they are great.) I now have a ESC very similar to the Torqueboards 12S ESC and that is really good. Braking not quite as smooth as the VESC but everything else is good. Anyway, that single motor board is my favorite. Is cheaper to build, a bit lighter and gets my fat ass up all the hills in my district without a problem. Yes, not the fastest board. I get max 18mph, which for me as a commuter is absolutely fine. As you are on a budget I would suggest you try a single 6374 motor - just don’t get a smaller one. Whatever way you choose in the end I really hope you build a great board that you enjoy.


I really like that kit that you suggested. Thanks for telling me about that. Do you think I should put this motor in the back or the front of the board? Thanks for the help.

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For ESC’s, would you suggest I get a programmer? I’m not sure if I should get one as I’m not sure I would really use it. Thanks for all the help.

If you have time and patience you can also keep an eye out for lightly used parts here on the forum for sale, to save some money.

standard is on the back

Getting a programmer really makes sense as they are generally very cheap. It is true that you usually only use it a couple of times to fine tune your ESC to what you want but that is what makes it all worthwhile. As Spek says, look at the “For Sale” section here and you may get lucky. I would put the motor on the back wheel as that is where most of your weight normally is.

this is wat i sous do get one motor the 192kv sk3 and a 12s 80 amp speed controller price id around 200 build the motor mount urself price;free:) get the pully of of ebay 5 euro per pully get a cheap longboard wit no flex 50 euro battery go to ur computer store and ask for old laptop batterys branded oncen not fake chines crap pay not more than 2.50 per pack in a pack ar about 4 to 6 good 18650 but dont pul the spotwelded taps of u can solder on them les work btw get a bout a 12s3/5s and ur done :open_mouth: total cost 300 euro maby a bit more i know evry body is gone say wel that battery is not sve u wil kil ur self it wil burst in flames no the are brandet 18650 and maby get a 60 amp fuse that is like 1 euro for the fuse and 3 for the plug get a few but most likely o wont blow the fuse ow and get a imax b6 the are like 12 euro so u dont need a bms

Thanks to everyone for the help. I will look into setups and update the thread once I do.

@TarzanHBK @NickTheDude @WeeChumlee Hey guys, so I’ve decided that I am going for a 190KV motor with 16/36 gearing. I have been reading the forum some more and I have seen that VESC’s are highly recommended. I also was looking at my range for the board and wanted some more. Should I wait and save up for a VESC and some 4S or 6S batteries (to get 8S or 12S)? Or should I just get an ESC and two 3S? Thanks for all the help.

I started my build with 6S and the FVT 120S ESC. It worked, but the brakes weren’t great and it was pretty jerky starting up since I didn’t have sensors motors. I ended up getting a VESC.

So really I’d recommend saving up for the VESC, the performance and customizability are definitely worth it. I’ve also heard from onloop that 10S is the sweet spot for the VESC, so I wouldn’t exceed that. Either way, increasing your voltage will increase your range as well.

Also you might want to consider a smaller motor pulley, it would make your board a bit slower but it could help with the hills. Motor pullies are pretty cheap so it might be a good idea to buy a 16T and a 13T to see which one you like better.

If you’re able to safe a bit, go for 190kv, 10s, vesc. Best system :+1:

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