First electric skateboard - advice please

Hi everyone,

First time building an electric skateboard so I was looking for some advice. I’m not a skateboarder so please excuse me if this is novice stuff.

I’ve got myself a deck at a bargain price of just £35 (db Freeride DT 38). The deck is stiff which I think I’m going to prefer but it makes for a good building platform. If I find I don’t like the deck I’ll change it as it’s not a massive expense to loose!

My question, for today, is relating to trucks and wheels. I plan to fit 1 motor (6355) onto this build with the potential of upgrading it to 2 motors in the future. With that in mind I want trucks to be compatible with 2 motors and not just the 1. I also want to fit something like the Abec 11 or Orangatang wheels. I really like the 107mm Flywheels.

What trucks will I need to suit this kind of setup? I’m curious of the width I would need. I would like UK based parts as that’s where I’m from. Honestly, I’m stuck for options!

Anyone who’s been in my place and have come through the otherside - please help :slight_smile:

Thanks, Daniel

Caliber trucks

I had looked at the Caliber II trucks but wasn’t sure on width options? Sorry to be rude but could you be more specific? Maybe a link if that’s possible.

Thank you

Sorry I wasn’t clear

Do you think the 50° is preferable to the Caliber 44°’s?

I’m not sure

I’m still building but I have 50 degree

i think people generally use the 50s…i know i do… not sure if/why theyre preferable though

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I thought I read that 50°’s are more stable at higher speeds. 44°’s can take sharper turns; easier to steer. I’ve only owned 44’s so I haven’t been able to compare myself EDIT!!! I have this backwards! Thanks @abenny. 44’s for speed. 50’s for carving

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i actually just googled it out of interest and you were kinda of right…just reversed… 44s are better for speeds and 50s let you carve and turn better. atleast according to a reddit post


The opposite of that. 50s are more turney.

It all depends on how much you want to spend. For a little more money, you can get a brick shit house set up.

Now you need to run Surf Rodz TKPs in this set up, but you surely won’t reget it. Easy alignment and precision trucks. That price is just for the mount, but @psychotiller probably has some trucks there too. This would be very easy to upgradeto dual later. He also has many of the other components you will need to complete your build. Explore his site!

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Thank you for the link. I’ve had a look and it looks like the products are US based. I was looking more for UK based parts as that’s where I’m from. I’m also looking for a cheap(ish) setup. I don’t want to spend £100+ on some trucks if I’m honest. Especially on my first build.

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I am from the UK

its totally fine to order from amazon us

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I would use 50° front and 44° rear Trucks, makes a more stable ride for faster speeds. For more information about this.

Trucks and mounts are the things that you probably will use the longest and are the parts that are easy to reuse. I wouldn’t make the mistake and go the cheapest way possible. But maybe you can find used ones?

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Buy these?

If you are worried about having enough width, or plan to possibly go with larger motors, grab a pair of extra wide trucks like the TB 218mm or TKP SurfRodz

If you’re set on the 6355 motor size and know that’s what you’ll be using Calibuer II 50’s will fit a dual setup

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I’ve bought some Caliber II 50s off of Amazon for the time being. I’m going to be ordering Orangatang Legal wheels (in purple to be different) when the trucks arrive as they’re coming from America.

I know that I’m going for the 6355 setup at the moment so I’ll stick with that.

Question for everyone:

  1. I’ve got a drop through board. The Caliber II trucks with fit below the deck (I think? More clearance…?) Can I get a plate to sit on top of the deck to disguise the drop through hole? Not sure what they’re called so help would be appreciated.
  2. Given that I’m going to be getting the Orangatang wheels, is there any specific wheel/belt/pulley mount that I need?

Thanks, Daniel

Purple wheels are harder btw and the orange wheels are softer

You need a special pulley for kegels You need a mount that fits calibers You probably need risers Your belt length depends on what motor mount you get The belt width depends on what pulleys you buy

Are the purple wheels not as good then? If they’re harder is it simply a matter of a tougher ride or do they wear faster/slower than the oranges?

I was going to go with the torque boards pulley and mount kit, would that work? collections/featured-items/products/single-bolt-on-motor-mount-w-drive-wheel-kit

I’ll order some risers if I find it’s a little too close to the ground. Any ideas on the top plate for the board?

Cheers, Daniel

Purple will have a tougher ride. But I can’t say the differences because I haven’t used both

You could 3D print something to fill the gap


(Someone’s build from the forum but I can’t remember who)

The wheel pulley won’t work for your system I thinkk