First esk8 build - 12s with freerchobby 1500w 83mm dual hubs

How’s the wiring look? Don’t want to blow anything up. I still need to connect the second VESC and plug them in parallel to connect to battery harness. I’m gonna make a loop key out of the pigtails on the xt90s

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that is too many connectors bro. just solder then in series. connectors add resistance, so try to use as little of them as possible

+1 that’s a lot of yellow bricks! I’d combine the 3 harnesses and add a fuse, loop key and charge port to the harness.

I would not hardwire the lipos in series so you can balance charge. Unless BMS.

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Oh and if you’re worried about explosions on first plug-in, google ‘boom stopper’. shouldn’t be hard to make.

Appreciate the input! I gotta leave the lipo plugs alone so I can charge them on my up to 6s balance chargers.

I can chop up the harness and take away a couple of those xt90s and stream line the whole thing, but I won’t be able to do anything until I can setup another ‘playdate’ with my buddies garage. It’ll take me a couple weeks.

I could take out the loop key and one of the series connectors right away and that would remove 2 or 3 of those xt90’s. Or I could even go 8s instead of 12s for now and that would let me remove a bunch of series connectors.

What is the danger of too many xt90’s? Until I can minimize the connectors, is it safe to ride?

It’s safe, but it’s just one more thing that can go wrong, and resistance robs your board of power.

Are these the same as winboard hubs? Anyone have any experience with them?