First ESK8 build battery question

Hi I’m trying to get my parts list together for my build and am thinking about the batteries.

I’ll be using (2) 6374 190 kv motors with (2) Vesc on a Tramp Street Carver with 7" pneumatics.

So my question is, since I already have a solid charger and power supply (i charger 206b and 12v/575 watt power supply) should I just use two 5s 5000mah lipos and save some $ or buy a 10s4p battery pack which would cost quite a bit more?

If I stick with the lipo what would be the lipo of choice and what mah? My charger can only charge up to 6s and space is limited on the street carver.

I wouldn’t go with lipos. You will end up using liion eventually.

I sel packs

I currently have 4 5200 4S packs in a 8S2P Arrangement. I am thinking about collecting laptop batteries to make a cheap Li-Ion pack, but anyway… LiPo packs are useless if you need to use your board daily or if you can’t guarantee 1-2 hours a day after use to properly store and balance them. If you want better life out of your packs if you know you won’t end up caring for them, then Li-Ion is definitely the better choice:

As far as I understand the chemistry, Li-Ion can take a full discharge and then idle for much longer then a Li-Po pack without any damage.

Thanks seems the general consensus so far is for the li ion

I would wait for more responses. When it comes to opinion, there’s no shortage of information on the internet… :smiley:

true, my thinking is lipo is easier and cheaper. The li-ion battery packs are almost 3x the cost (if you don’t make it yourself) and lipo is sort of plug and play. Im planning to start ordering parts in the next two weeks or if I can find a builder who can work with me in my price range might go that way as well.

@Landshark I agree w @barajabali - you’ll eventually end up wanting a more conveinient setup. I’ve seen this same discussion over and over here on the forum. Many people start w lipo and then soon after wish they had invested in lion or another battery pack configuration that is easier to integrate into daily life with regular usage.

If you want a 12S pack and only have a 6S charger, you’re going to have to charge each battery separately which will be a nuisance and double your charge time.

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