First esk8 build

I was thinking about building my first esk8

The parts I was thinking about: -Turnigy SK8 6374-192KV Sensored Brushless Motor -Turnigy SK8-ESC V4.12

  • 2x. 6s 6800mAh Lipo battery in serie -Single Bolt On Motor Mount w/ Drive Wheel Kit ()
  • flywheel (clones) 90mm -valhalla octahedron board
  • caliber 44 trucks

What do you guys think?

THat you should use 2 5s batteries instead or lower kv motor… Also I recommend you to invest in more reliable VESC like FOCBOX You did not include remote… You did not mention gearing…

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Nice deck though :slight_smile:


Gearing 16/36 Remote I didn’t look into yet And yeah I’m thinking about focbox indeed

With 10s battery or 170kv motor it will work well on 83mm wheels :slight_smile: 12s on 190kv with HK VESC is big NO…

Talking from experience, if you got the money to afford a well built battery with BMS go that instead.

assuming 60a battery current limit and 80a motor current limit per motor, here is a comparison of 2.25:1 (16/36) vs 3:1 (12/36) vs 4:1 (12/48):

if you take a look at the red line, bottom left chart, net thrust pounds:

2.25:1 gives 89.4lbs peak thrust & ~38mph top speed

3:1 gives 119.2lbs peak thrust & ~30mph top speed

4:1 gives 159lbs peak thrust & ~25mph top speed

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I made a mistake copying the text. the plan was to use the 149 kv option with 90mm wheels (i need ground clearance i think?) also I will switch to 10s battery and probably going to spend the extra money for a focbox. Also what are the pro’s of using a BMS against a lipo charger?

what’s your target top speed considering the lower this number is, the more peak thrust you will have for hills?

22 mph or higher is fine (22-28mph or Something) Where I live there are almost no hills but a little hill must be doable

I am looking forward on nearly the same build with this setup:

Turnigy SK8 6374-149KV Sensored Brushless Motor Turnigy SK8-ESC V4.12 2x 5s 3000mAh 20c lipos HK-GT2B 3CH 2.4GHz Transmitter and Receiver (later customized something like “Bad Wolf”

75 mm wheels (because I already have those) Wheel pulley teeth 32 Motor pulley teeth 15

Pulleys, motormount and enclouser made by 3D printing.

What do you think? Is it better with 4x 3s lipos? (where I charge 2 at a time) And can you suggest a good balanced charger for the job?

Your forgetting trucks

Paris V2 trucks

Im also planing making the deck my self

You can’t 3d print a motor pulley too

Okay, thank you.

You are probably right, maybe its too weak

Even aluminium is questionable

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I have got my board and ordered wheels, because i was afraid there wasn’t enough space for the wheels i went with a pair off 83mm flywheel clones. I now want to order the rest off the items I need I think i’ll order this from Build kit boards: -Mini Remote -Enertion FOCBOX -255m Belt 12mm -Flywheel Pulley 36T / 12mm -15t 15mm Motor Pulley -Motor Mount Right and going to make the Bluetooth module myself later The rest I aim ordering at hobbyking: sk8 149kv or sk8 190kv 10s 5600mah lipo

i aim ordering 12-36