First ever build AND skateboard

Here is my first ever skateboard and build


Looks pretty good! What are the specs? I’m sure some other people would love to know. Did you make the enclosures yourself?

Also to keep things organized when creating builds we like to keep the names pretty specific so there aren’t many “first time topics” when readers don’t know what is inside the thread. Please use a format similar to this:

Thanks for posting your build and contributing to the forum!

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I wanted it to look like a old style speed boat, so I use ply to make the housing for the batteries and esc, I am currently using 2 3s 5 amp batteries but have made enough room to have 4, so 6s 10 amp, I’m using a boat esc which is OK, does the job and the brakes work better at top speed, the motor I got off ebay, I think it’s the same as the Slickrevolution skateboards motors, the wheels were from Slickrevolution, and the controller off ebay

Top speed on a good surface is 17 mph ( pulling 100kg) , not sure how long it lasts, I will have to test

What was your total price?

Like your build. Reminds me of my first setup. I used clip board as an Encloser. Real smooth design. Keep up the good work. I would like to see what’s inside.