First ever build need some advice

Hello everyone.

This summer my cousin and i started searching about electric skateboards and after saving money and geting more and more into this we decided to build our own boards.

We already have 2 longboards that we use to ride arround and im going to make the motor mount myself, but need help to choose the rest of the build.

Im going budget here, but no so much that everithing breaks in 2 weeks. We dont whant to travel too fast or too long, just basic so we start and we can upgrade latter on, so any help and advice is apreciated.

This is what i have in mind for now:




Bateries: No idea

So you plan to go single or dual drive? Which board / trucks you have? How much space and money you have for batteries? You wanna go lipo or LiIon? Built your own battery or prebuilt? Where you located?

You need as min Battery Bms Antispark loopkey or switch A fuse Charger 10 or 12 awg wires Motor mounts Motor and wheel pulley Belts Aaand a helmet, even better protection for hands, arms and legs too

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Sounds like a good start, hope you guys have as much fun building as you will riding. I love being able to say to myself “hey, I built that!”


Im from spain, if you whant to be precise from SanSebastian. I´m planing single drive so i keep it basic, then will se if we go for an upgrade.

I dont know the board or truks name since we bouht it a long time ago but is somthing like this one :slight_smile:

For the pulleys and belt i will probably buy one of this cheap ones, but replace the motor mount itself since i have that planed.

The bateries and the wireing i have no clue, I dont know wich ones to pick, either wich charger. Im open to suggestions. I know how to solder but i dont trust in my skills so i prefer somthing pre-assembled.

Thanks for the help. :slight_smile:

I would go 10s lipos and a bms.

First board, I’m not going to say build because thats in the future but for your first powered board then get yourself a kit. Go to a company in your part of the world that puts together this stuff. Get a kit and build it and then go from there. They will have taken all the heartache and silly mistakes out of the process for you. Hopefully. Budget builds can turn into expensive builds very quickly. My advice is to get something that someone else has designed and assemble it thereby learning the fundamentals.
You can get a kit from diyelectric. @torqueboards or if you want to keep it closer to home then has kits I believe. Don’t be fooled by the individual cost of components and think well thats much cheaper if I do it myself, its false economy because these companies have taken the expensive mistakes out of the equation. Only and I mean only for the first time you venture into building will I advise a kit. Only after assembling ,understanding and enjoying the board you built will you be ready to create your own. Good luck.

Spain, that’s good. In the EU you have some good suppliers. Check (Italy) and Unik boards (france). They have a very good service and top quality products. There you can’t make anything wrong. If you have questions l‘m sure @fottaz ( or @okp (Unik boards) will be happy to help you out with your order. Don’t go cheap and have in the end parts which don’t fit together…that’s more expensive in the long run. About batteries, I think in the eu you can get them prebuilt from and I think also @Acido make costume build packs. Just write them and they will suggest you what is best for your board and your needs.

Ah and I forgot before one important part :point_up: You need an enclosure for all your electronics with wood threads to screw it under your deck.


And for the enclosure go with @bigben :smiley:


I would advise against that kit, I have used it and it didn’t turn out too well. You can have a look at my build thread here for some tips and parts to use on a budget board

If you have any other questions or need help, I think @monkey32 is in Spain