First fall in almost a year, photos and videos included

Just got back on campus this week, and of course I had to go on a ride with the boys. I met a new kid at the gym who had a pretty sweet build (12s lipo, dual SK3 6374, dual Torqueboard 4.12 vescs, etc), so I invited him to join us last night.

After riding around for a bit, I made the foolish decision to drag race the new DIY board against a Boosted V2+. Of course the DIY board has more power, but I weigh 180lbs and my friend on the boosted weighs 120lbs, so I thought it would be interesting.

We do a rolling start since the new board was unsensored. After some initial hesitation, my board starts to pull away with oodles of torque. Then, I feel the vescs cutout and I go flying forward. Going from extreme acceleration to nothing at all caught me off guard. See for yourselves what happened next.

Total damage wasn’t so bad. Road rash on my knees, hips, and elbow, swollen knee and elbow, sprained wrist and ankle, gash in my thigh from my keys in my pocket, and worst of all, my favorite jeans, bag and water bottle all scuffed up.

IMG_20190818_112618 IMG_20190818_112534

The new kid felt really bad for what happened, but I assured him it wasn’t his fault. He was still very much new to the hobby, and I should’ve known better than to push the 4.12s to the limit at 12s lipos.

Moral of the story. Always wear a helmet, learn how to fall (I could’ve fallen better), and never drag race an untested board that doesn’t belong to you.

Stay safe out there, and keep on shredding! On an unrelated note, someone please buy my board (not the one that failed, but my personal build from a while back, link here) Not because I’m abandoning the hobby, but because I’m looking to do a new build.

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Very glad you’re ok but you need to change permissions on the drive link or everyone else has to request and be granted access. I wanna see this crash

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Just did, now everyone can grab their popcorn and laugh :joy:


Glad you’re fine! Recently had a severe fall as well. Think I broke a rib, messed up my hip and got some roadrash. More importantly though, hit the back of my head really hard. Pretty sure I’d be dead or at least blind if it weren’t for wearing a good helmet.

Never going without a helmet again, even the smallest distance!

Edit: Also seriously thinking about starting wearing a backplate


Thank you! I’m still healing, but hopefully nothing too permanent. Glad to hear you’re doing ok too. Speaking of backplates, another mistake I made was riding with a metal water bottle inside my little drawstring bag, if I had fallen back first it could have really messed up my back.

Thanks bud, seems we both were pretty lucky! Be safe!

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