First International e-Board meeting

Check out Evolve World Cup, if they can do it then we, as a way bigger community, could organize an amazing e-Board world cup.

Meeting people around the world with all kind of crazy builds, make all kind of activities in 2 days time, would be an extremely satisfying life experience.

So, who’s in?


I’m in but in what country?

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@barajabali I vote Germany!!! Just to see that the cops would do :joy:


I can wish that it would be in the US. My 800 wh batteries will never leave the country via plane hahah I won’t even try


This is a great idea, and what better place to have it than the convention center in beautiful San Diego, CA USA!!! :wink:

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I’m so down. So very down.

I second California


Actually, Las Vegas would be a really good spot for a convention.

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Someone make a poll! I’m on mobile


Venice Beach the Mecca of skateboarding!


Very down for it as well, anyone from Europe too ? :slight_smile: switzerland has insanely beautiful rides along and on top of the alps just saying :slight_smile:

Thats on 2250 m above see lvl :slight_smile:


Gold coast - Australia. Thats where evolve is based. Revenge for them having there’s in France each year :rage:

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well, to me Evolve is based… in China :slight_smile:

Paris folks !


I was thinking about this idea just the otherday…

I really think it has to happen!

Majority of Enertion customers are in usa. This probably means most esk8 riders are in USA?

In terms if international access maybe Australia is an option also.

This biggest issues is battery transport…

SWITZERLAND mate. no Law concerning batterys since we are europe but not EU, you don’t need certifications here :slight_smile:

Edit: And yess, group rides are fun to relax and have a good time, but some serious riding in a group/competition setting sounds exactly what I am missing :slight_smile:


maybe the 3 guys living in China can also meet my vote goes to middle kingdom :blush:

I would be totally down to come from Canada to meet somewhere in the US!

Here are the premises:

  1. In order to cover organization expenses such as:
  • Meeting/convention facilities renting
  • Development of a battery renting program like Evolve
  • Velodrome/e-Board circuit for competition
  • First aid program (in case of emergency)
  • Media coverage

Registration would have a cost

Proposal: USD 150.00

  1. Country must have
  • An average consumer price index
  • Easy international access
  • High concentration of e-Boarders
  • Several skateboarding routes with good pavement
  • Several off road routes
  • Light/easy law enforcement for e-sk8s
  • Good lightning for evening riding

Proposed cities:

  • NYC (great e-Board population, laws prohibit the use of e-boards in cycle paths, bad weather, expensive hotels)
  • California (great e-Board population, strong laws against e-boards)
  • San Francisco (great e-Board population, nice roads for long rides)
  • Miami (nice weather, good roads, cheap hotels, small e-Board concentration)
  • Berlín (strong laws against e-boards, nice e-Board users concentration, nice roads, expensive city for foreigners, easy meeting point for all Europe)
  • Las Vegas (Great facilities for conventions, cheap hotels depending of time of the year, great riding routes, small e-Boarders concentration) Sponsorship from main vendors could also be included in order to cover organization expenses.

I’m down to be part of the organization and considering the average age of e-Boarders is 40 I’m possitive this dream would come true pretty soon.


Maybe if you count each european country as a single country ( Europe ) USA is first but if you look to all europe we might be the first one’s :wink:

Seriously ? Berlin is a very cheap town it’s known in Europe to be quite cheap out there. I live in Paris and this is an expensive city for foreigners not berlin.