First longboard build 6s1p+190kv

Hey, I’m pretty new to this forum and esk8 at all, looks pretty cool. I tried my best and built a list of parts that I think that good in order to build my first build. my budget is around 350$-400$ (prefer 350$) , I am not sure about the parts if they fit together that’s why I need your help to advice what would you upgrade or change.

goal:27mph+ , 10km range

Thanks in advance

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Hi @obstriker! Welcome to the forum! Your build looks pretty good so far! I have a similar build to yours! One thing I want to set on the table is that you are going to end up spending money on an enclosure, hardware, wires, and connectors. Think about $50 if you keep it simple.

As far as the motor and battery goes, this link will take you to a spot where you can find all sorts of useful info. I can tell you right off the bat that unless you have a weird gear ratio you are going to be looking at a pretty low top speed. My board uses a 260 kv motor (about the max you want to get) , a 6S1P lipo system, 15t and 36t motor to wheel pulleys and 90mm wheels. It goes top speed of 26 mph at full charge.

Best of luck! Building an electric long board is a truly rewarding experience!

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Thanks , what mount should i take? how do I choose the mount/teeth , belt?

should I upgrade my motor? (maybe 245kv)

Up to you my dude. If you want 26 mph you need 260kv or more voltage or new gear ratio. 15t and 36t is pretty standard but what you choose is up to you. I bought a motor pulley kit from enertion but there are lots of options. You could even purchase parts from a non-esk8 site. It just depends how much work you want to do. I know it seems overwhelming but doing a little extra research on your end so you know exactly what ratios you want is really worth the extra time.

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Okay , I decided to change the motor to a 260/270kv do you have recommended motor?

btw , why some motors that have more kv are less expensive?

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Great question. I have no idea. I personally have a Turnigy SK3 6354 260kv motor it’s not the most pretty motor but it works great. Also is a budget motor so you’ll end up saving some money. It is only available on Hobbyking. (I’d reccomend making all of your orders from as few places as possible, shipping can eat your wallet in just a few orders)

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What range do you ride? And how much s? Im thinking about 245kv but im concerned about the range, I want to carry this on my backpack so Im not sure If I can add more weight(another 3s battery)

It 7 miles. 6S1P Lipo. 26 mph max speed. Its going to be way heavier than a regular longboard. You just need to expect that.

I almost finished my electric longboard but I encountered a problem , the motor sometimes hits the ground and I’m not sure what to do , I thought about these Ideas:

  1. put risers but it feels a bit high and steering may not be great because of my trucks type
  2. put the motors high on the back like the evolve gt (but the motor mount isn’t long enough and the decks blocks it) ( I really like this idea)

I got stuck and I don’t know what to do

motor is 63mm and wheels 90mm

The hk motor mount does not allow you do adjust the angle? I have not used hk, but I know that many other mounts, like DIYE’s mount let you adjust the angle

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I can’t adjust the angle , also it doenst fit well so I was thinking maybe I should solder it to the trucks . there’s any motor mount that you recommend to me?

I would recommend getting caliber trucks,and either a torqueboards motor mount, or this amazon mount, as they are both angle adjustable

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