First Look at TorqueBoards Direct Drive Motor



How customizable is the size on the white part? can it size up to fit pneumatics? (noob heresorry I can’t recall what you call those)

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That looks really good, too bad I already purchased 4 6374s for my 4wd set up.

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They said it’s just a prototype and that the original will work with kegel core & they MIGHT have a pneumatic option… can’t wait :raised_hands:t5:

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Do you know the launch date?

Looks awesome, been waiting for this to start DIY. For those interested, there is a bit more info on their instagram in the comments:

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You know what would be great? If someone made a pneumatic hub that has the Abec11 core! Then we won’t need adapters and use the pulleys we already have! @torqueboards get on that! :wink:


What a good idea- well it’s sounds good, don’t know if possible

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Damn, this might just be the catalyst for another build with that pneumatic option!

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The typical setup will be our dual direct drive setup with our 110mm wheels which will use a Kegel Adapter but we’ll offer an ABEC Adapter for those that want to use ABEC wheels. We’ll probably offer an adapter for our Pneumatic Tires we’re also trying to release. I am a bit hesitant as obviously with the larger wheels we reach a higher top speed.

@BruSkater - No launch date yet… still testing. Just decided to show what it’s looking like. :slight_smile:

@Mikenopolis - I think the current design we have would be a better option. I try to make sure everything in the past compatible but it’s pretty hard… To design a better system, you sorta need to start from scratch. Sucks…


Well if you ever need a heavy rider to test out your equipment I’m your man, I ride my boards hard and I’m 300lbs 6’6" and size 16M US shoes.

I rode the Carvon Evo prototype and I got say I was not impressed I hope these have more torque.


@Battosaii We won’t be getting rid of belt drive anytime soon lol. It’s definitely nice to have more options though. I do plan on testing a larger motor option but would have to be without sensors as there’s jus no space…


What’s the kv rating on these?

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I’m making a 4wd 6374 build, these would make that much easier and cleaner to make a 4wd. I may have to try these in the future.

Not sure just yet… Testing a few different options to see what’s best for our setups. Leaning towards around 50-65KV though. I’m thinking 65KV. But that’s not definite yet.


What about increasing the diameter of the motor? If used with pneumatics 80mm motors and even 100mm motors should be possible… That would have been so sick! :sunglasses:


What are you aiming for speedwise?

12S / 65kv direct drive / 110mm wheels = 30 - 36mph.

I think it’d be great if the ideal speed we’re designed around 10S, so those who want to go faster can run 12S… Push 40mph if they want. I’d want to go faster and personally would love to see 80-85kv DD.


@FredrikHems would be nice… but the motors are pretty big already. Motor can itself is 70mm diameter and that’s because we’re using a thicker motor can for increased durability.

@BruSkater a bit over 30mph and we specifically use 12S. I don’t see any point in 10S as for $40-60 dollars (difference from 10S4P vs 12S4P) you get a huge benefit for the higher voltage and increased watt hours.

@skatardude10 I’m very hesitant on offering higher speed setups… We might in the future but as of now our main focus is the everyday rider.


I feel you. I realized that most people probably wouldn’t end up needing the extra speed and would instead prefer higher torque.

Can’t wait to see these things in action. I might have to devise a small cruiser/commuter board for these things when they release.

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