First Look at TorqueBoards Direct Drive Motor

Ask their support

I have had this kind of sound on my motors after i rode around 50km on them since then i never experienced it again i have put 80km on them so far

it must be the motor bearings…these motors are so silent compared to a belt drive, that we hear noises we’re not used to…ask support if you feel it’s worse than before

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@torqueboards : Hi I can’t order flywheel adapters for my 4WD direct drive TB, and had no answer to my email…could you help? thx dude

@vapextrem You can PM me your email and I can send you an invoice.

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Awesome build! I am trying to do something similar with a short/kicktailed deck, 110mm wheels, and 10s5p pack, but im also going belt driven with 2X 6374’s…

im obviously concerned about space though. Do you think this board with a similar set up would handle well with evolve trucks? im split between the double kingpin option and torqueboard trucks because I feel like i will need all the clearance I can get for the big wheels…

oh Im also worried about the deck feeling way too tall and unstable, though I like short decks for hitting small drops and having a small turning radius…does this build ride weird at its height?

Ok I’m about to hook up the wires. I’m using the 12S4P Battery. What info do I need to put in FocBox program? Also I’ve been reading -10 for braking? Also any info on the motors to input any numbers to program? When plugging in the FocBox USB will it auto connect to program or do I need to download program. Hopefully by this weekend hook up. Any numbers will help! Thanks!

Go ask your question on the other forum, seems like most people have moved over there.

These the right settings for Dual Motors? And I what the max temperature settings? And Beta number?

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Hey. I’ve been trying to reach out regarding 3 sets of motors and a 4 WD ESC and wire kit I ordered a week ago. The motors are paid for. I just need an invoice fire the ESC and wires.

Also, you have not returned the motor I sent in for an RMS. All good in Texas?

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email is best or the forum he is active on.

Thanks. I hope all is well with the TB team.

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Did you ever make the DD adapters for AT wheels?

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@0r3ks8 Send us an email.

@DeuceDos We do have them. Don’t recommend them for 2WD though. You’d have to email us.

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@torqueboards hey can i have a invoice too i need a new 90kv dd motor…my is broken