First Mountainboard Build

I’m looking to build my first mountain board that can go 30+ miles per hour with a range of at least 10 miles of speed that is 30+miles per hour. I was hoping for a deck that was a little flexible. My budget is below $2000. FYI I’m completely new to this and know pretty much nothing about how to build an electric skateboard. I was thinking of doing the safe route and just buying a pre-built electric board from Trampa but I really wanted to use Torqueboards custom 12s4P pack and in order to use their pack I’d have to find a deck that supports the form factor of the battery pack and Trampa boards are curved and don’t have the form factor to support it.

I dont think the torqueboards battery/enclosure or many other bottom mount enclousures will work well with a flexible deck. Its hard to beat a trampa complete for price and quality imo. Just add speed controllers, a battery, enclousure and a remote and away you go. Finding functional, safe and aesthetically pleasing enclousure solutions for flexible decks seems to be the weak link in the mountain board scene atm imo. I think @Kaly has a flexible enclousure, trampa has a write up to making one and @psychotiller is building one for me that he could make available in the future as well but at the momemt those are the only options I known other than the top mounted utility box enclousure that many eMTB’s use.

Thank you for the quick reply. I knew that it would be impossible to incorporate torquebord’s battery pack into a flexible deck. I was hoping for a sort of flexible deck but it’s not a necessity. I just wanted to know what options I have. The only specs that are absolutely necessary for my build would be the top speed of 30+ mph and a range that can support the top speed for at least 6-10 miles. If I was to go the flexible deck route, what battery would you recommend? If I was to do torqueboards battery pack route, what deck would you recommend?