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First new build just wanted to share with eSK8ers

Just wanted to share ideas. It was in this diy share forum that made it possible for me to do my own build.<img src="/uploads/db1493/original/1X/e0b9fd7e78bce51adffe3de753b3b9dd6eb3576d.JPG" width=“375” height=“500”>emphasized text


You can tell that I’m a rookie at posting stuff on line. If anyone has questions just let me know?

This is a good looking first build! Good Job! How does it run? More stats!
Love how you inserted the batteries partly inside the board!


this looks amazing. I loved the brushed metal look.

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Here are the stats of the build:
The board I had and is made of bamboo(good stiff material) ordered the caliber trucks and Abec knockoff wheels thru Amazon. Batteries I had,(6s2p). Sk3-6354 260 kv motor,turnigy 150 amp esc, quantum 2.4 ghz remote. I’ll list approximate cost below.
Board $65
Trucks $46
Wheel and bearings $72
Motor $60
Esc $80
Remote $26
And don’t for the obvious
Enersion motor mount. $126

The board is real solid and had a little help from my friends, and a lot of excellent idea from this site. It has a top speed of 22-23 mph and is fun as hell. I’m already build my next one