First Police Encounter

I hooked up with someone who buys broken VESC’s and after my Esk8 trip to the post office, I was heading the 1.5 mile journey back. The way I got there, I was standing and riding in the bike lane. On my way back I thought I choose to sit on my board. Flying over ground cracks and speeding above the poorly paved pedestrian side walk at 20mph was never that fun. UNTIL I heard a loud police siren… :rotating_light:

Chills went down my spine. :skull:

I stop, turned around and saw this police dude on a motorcycle slowing uttered “Can you do me a favor. Ride it like a normal skateboard, wear a helmet, and don’t skate on the sidewalk.” and left in a hurry. I thought I was gonna get a ticket. Lesson learned: DON’T ride esk8 on the sidewalk. Unless you’re pedaling. Obviously, I wasn’t gonna pedal half a mile back, so I just stood and rode slowing and safely got to my house writing this. :joy:

Any other interesting stories you want to share? Comment below your experience with Big Brother in Esk8. :grinning:


Yep. Always ride like you’re on a skateboard dude. It’s less dangerous considering if you’re standing up and more people are apt to see you. :wink:

My one time experience so far is… I was pulled over after passing a cop in a 25mph zone going 31mph. He said I’m lucky that there’s no speed limit in the bike lane and left. I was was pretty stoked!!!


I would stand. But I weigh only 110 lb and don’t’ get enough traction unless I sit. Plus I can emergency break sitting down. :peach: And pedestrians can see my plain site too. But you’re right, standing makes you more visible.

Dude that’s just insane…what happens when a car door flies open? Behaviors like this ruin it for all of us


The cop was right. Sitting on your board is for dudes who sit when they pee.


yea, no that’s not how it works.



I don’t know about you, I just can’t accelerate as fast standing because I tend to lean forward standing.

Tell me you can floor the breaks standing up 20mph.

We gotta get you trained on a non-electric board for a while dude. That way you will be able to handle it no matter your weight class. My 7 year old (40lbs I think. lol) daughter rides my dual board standing straight up no problem. It’s weighs 20lbs which is half her weight!!!


I can stand on it 20mph alright. Feel safer sitting. Just my preference. :expressionless:

Ride a bike


No helmet?

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hang your board up. get a helmet. get a push longboard. learn to ride.

don’t fucking sit on your board…


Lesson should first and foremost be WEAR A HELMET.

Also if you weight only 110lbs and can’t get traction…wear a helmet

If you are unable to ride a skateboard like a skateboard…wear a helmet


I sit on my boards sometimes. Specially when I ride with my dog and kids. But my case is different. I ride on sidewalks only and at lower speeds. I guess that’s unwise on the road.

if you’re so worried about your limitations then maybe not use an esk8.


It seems these things are dangerous at high speed, lol.


I was pulled over on my boosted board in the bike lane this summer.

The cop issued me a ticket for “failure to use turning signals”. The ticket was for $185 and 2 points on my license.

I disputed the charge obviously and my court date is in the spring sometime.

Getting a ticket on a skateboard made me feel both angry and flattered:

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There was no parking lane on the side. I usually esk8 for fun on bike trails. Will watch out next time. :grinning:

Lol all y’all butt hurt about buttboarding lol. GTFO buttboarding is fun as hell…


Only thing I’m going to suggest here:


Okay I’m done.