First Project / G160 245KV / 6S or 8S? / Top speed 20 or 25 kmh? / Ready to buy!

Hi all Im new and excited in this, sorry for my bad english Im from Spain, nice to meet you!

Well I’m in the time in which I have to decide a few things…

What Top Speed do I want 20 or 25 kmh? Im totally noob would it be better to be conservative and stablish 20 kmh? (90 kilos weight)

What advantages and disadvantages do i get with 6S vs 8s? (6S is cheaper thats fine) Any differences when going uphill or with torque, etc?

Trucks: Fifty Trucks V2 180mm 52º Wheels: Cheap 70mm (I will need to mod one) I cannot afford other trucks or wheels.

With 6S it seems i need the next configuration: Photo1

With 8S: Photo2

All that pulleys I get fit under the deck.

What happens with different gear ratios, is there any advantage or disadvantage?

I just want to know if I’m in the good way to buy the parts as soon as possible and start to build it. The ESC is coming after the pulleys and the motor are solved.

I try to read the most of the forum Im now tired sorry if I seem confused xD.

Thank you! I’m back later.

Edit: I will stick with the hills that my money limits (The motor is single G160 245kv) So if i have to be careful with hills or go walking I dont mind.

Good luck with the g160, hopefully it doesn’t burn out like mine.


Check here for 8s ESCs and other ESCs

Mmm at hobbyking it says the G160 is 9S-10S.

Shouldn’t I use 6S, maybe 8S? Any light at this?

If u can go 8s

Higher voltage is better

Before you start the motor up…use blue thread locker on the grub nuts and bolts …let it sit overnight …

Always kick off before you pull the throttle …

You should be fine

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What about putting 3 3S in series to get 9S?

I’m talking about these batteries

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I’ve had great experiences with the G160s both in 245kv and 295kv. I’ve run 6s, 8s and 10s with them.


Will 6S be hotter/harder on the motor than 8S?

VESC are expensive.

Can I use a normal car ESC but to stop the motor from burning uses fuses? (a lot in the pocket :grin:)

Should I be buying this charger right now?

Sure should be fine

Which to choose from these?

It cost me a little bit to get informed about wtf are ESCs I’m reading all I can but I need to choose a cheap one (yes, not a expensive one). Do all they have brakes for 90 kilos? Which is the one who offers more functions? Thanks.

The first one is up to 2S --> it will not help you at all… The secone one is up to 3S The third one is up to 4S

These three ESC wont help you at all. You want to make an eboard with at least 6S :wink:

I think this one is the cheapest that will fit your needs: X-Car ESC

(Maybe some one other know a cheaper 6S one )

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Oh thanks my stupid fault xD

From X-Car at hobbyking i dont see nothing, but on X-Car Beast yes

Should I buy this one? Yes 6S finally.

Edit: The ESC shows… Suitable Motor Type : 4 Pole sensorless and sensored brushless motor

Is the G160 4 Pole, does it matter?

At first i kept distance from this ESC too. But i got told that i should work fine. I think it is @DerBrecher who is using this ESC without problems. Maybe he jumps in (if it is him who has this esc^^)

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Yes i own that ESC and so far i can´t complain. It’s really good for the price and i think it is perfect if you are just getting started and you are on a tight budget.

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Do i need a programming card? How does the brakes do? I’m ready to hit the button!

I have no experience with other ESC but from my Point of View the Breaks are pretty good. I bought a programming card but i don’t think it’s necessary.