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First Raptor 50/50 on vert

50/50 vert grind on a Raptor on the best e- board made


Aren’t you grinding on the motors this way? Pretty sick though!

No just the trucks. It took some getting use to on tranny. But it was was fun as hell. No pumping at all. Next is frontside air. And maybe a hand plant

this kind of hurts me a little inside because i know what those motors are going to look like after doing this a couple of times. I’m finishing up a repair on a raptor right now that looks like somebody did a curb grind on it. Those poor motors…

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A skateboard is a skateboard. An at the end of the day every part of a skateboard is a consumable.

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Love love love this… please make a video…

This is where I want to see eboarding going…

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I thought I posted it. Here it is on you tube


DUDE!.. that’s so awesome… the Raptor loves shredding bowls.


i know… i know… i’m trying to tell myself that very thing.

Its is pretty awesome though.

Sorry about the scratches in the trucks. Notice anything different about the trucks other than the grind scratches?

yeah they’re proper Caliber IIs and not Enertion branded Caliber IIs, which, interestingly enough, have a silk finish that better matches the anodize finish on the mounts.

I love my Raptor but this is the reason I put my caliber ll’s on and took pictures. So somebody else would notice the sparkly trucks. :wink: actually wish they were a little darker

i have some sparkly red ones on my main push board, but i have blackouts on my electrics. I LOVE caliber IIs.

whats so good abt caliber trucks ? they dont bent if ran over by car ? like mine did ?

I remember you said you were seeing your brother in the us. I think Seattle. Anyway would you be interested in filming a 53 yr old raptor lover doing soon 50/50’s on vert. I’m about 3 hrs from there and would love to come over that way and be your oldest rad dude rocking your raptors. Just saying.

bro lives in LA…

I desperately need to head to US for a visit soon.

but my wife is due to have another baby mid july… so this could be a problem.