First reviews of STARY BOARD

First reviews of Stary Board - start to show up. Maybe someone knows chinese and could translate it? :slight_smile: Controller looks like a beast!

Yeah, I’m waiting for mine… Definitely, not going to be a power house with that single motor 25.2v though but shouldn’t be bad…

It’s not always about more speed/range. This board looks sexy :slight_smile: is lightweight and can be taken on a plane :slight_smile:

Yeah, true… It’s literally a single 6S 4000mah pack though but definitely light.

  1. The arrow on the board means the way it goes.
  2. receive area (receiver is underneath that little dot).

I - About the remote

Main button
Rotor (forward and brake)

Press the main button for 1-2 secs than turn on the remote.

II - First time matching

1. Put the remote on that dot then press the main button for 5 secs.
2. Roll the rotor in order to choose the second option - Match then press the main button.
3. Coming up with this board's MAC address, if you have multiple boards then just pick the one you want.
4. Successfully matched.

Grab your board then launch!

III - Connecting remind

1. Underneath the sensor area there is a transmitter/receiver. (Don't get it, should be the same thing? )
2.Get close to the sensor area with the back side of the remote, the indicator will light up. As long as it constantly lighting up then you can turn on your remote.

IV - This connecting way should be the most efficient way

This indicator design is for those who are not familiar with this board yet.

Road test

Gear setting

If you are not pro enough then better don't use 4th gear.

:kissing: That's it mates.

And the second video is showing the RPM of 4th gear setting.

I disagree…

what is the purpose of something with little range or speed? Just so the rider can look cool in front of mates?

the “you can take it on a plane” feature is a stupid one… I don’t understand why anyone would rate that as a key advantage… how many flights are you actually taking? and why do you need to take your eboard? Eventually, you will be able to rent an eboard in most capital cities… Or just rent the battery.

For me an electric skateboard needs to be a tool that can potentially replace the need to use a car, replace the need for public transport. It needs to move people long distance extremely efficiently. & it needs to be able to haul loads up steep hills… I think some people forget skateboards without motors are actually fairly efficient for rolling places that are flat or declines.

Looking cool is a byproduct - it shouldn’t be the product


Cheers to that sentiment! There is absolutely no reason to build anything slow or limited.

IMO: Exactly!! Otherwise it’s a glorified toy. A pretty cool toy, but what happens when you want that extra power and range!? That’s where the buyer is going to have a little bit of buyers remorse. Especially us heavier users, that little Stary board would be out of it’s league. I’ve taken shits bigger than that. LOL So that’s where the false economy situation rears it’s ugly head. You can get a Stary, but down the road when one of us are blasting past you at wicked speed, you will then know that you want the REAL deal. So now you are gonna have to spend more $$$ on the board you should have selected in the first place. Real world scenario: Stary breaks down…How much are the replacement parts? Parts availability? Turnaround time for repairs? Quality of customer service? I’d rather fix my own stuff right with parts from reputable vendors who are part of a respectable and knowledgeable community of enthusiasts. Why buy a Kia when you can build a Ferrari. .02 :+1:

A few months ago I thought that getting INBOARD M1 + additional battery will be the best choice. I didnt even consider DIY board but the more I’ve been reading this forum the more I understood that the only way to have a real board is to have my own DIY build. What I’ve decided is that instead of Inboard I am getting STARY cause I really need a super lightweight board I can take on the meetings during the day. I mainly ride during rush hours so I dont really have need for speed. 20Mph is way enough. Also taking board on a plane is an important factor for me. …but there is one more BUT…the first time I saw RUNPLAYBACK diy build …I knew that I am also going to make my own fast efficient build for super speed and range. I’ll be posting my thought on it here soon. So that’s where I am right now. Instead of having one Inboard, I’ll be getting two different boards.


@appelton it’s funny, similar journey for me also. I keep flip flopping so I’ve resigned myself to doing getting two boards. I want one that is light and easy to carry for the last mile commute and one for more spirited riding and longer distances.

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That’s similar to what I have planned. I got a dual motor beast in the works and a lightweight 6s single 6374 commando unit on the drawing board. I like how you dudes think. You see something you like, so you do more research!! Being able to take the board on a plane is sort of cool, but if you fly a lot, it is a real pain in the ass. When I fly, I go as low profile as possible. Years ago I was on a plane to Salt Lake City with like 3 big suitcases full of stuff. As I lumbered towards security, I saw a group of Japanese business people with no bags and no shoes!! They just wore these little slippers and carried a single briefcase. When they hit security, they sailed right through. They didn’t even have to untie their shoes!! That inspired me to go low profile when flying. IT rocks! Way more chill and enjoyable to not have to carry stuff. NOw we just need a ESK8 rental company!!!