First skateboard, first build

Need help for my first build. My main plan was to just buy an Evolve Carbon GT But as i think the price is quite expensive i thought i could probably make a board just as good or better for the same price myself. By budget is maximum $2500 for a dual setup. I have no experience with this so would like to make it clean an simple using pre-made parts and batteries. Range is very importan aswell as there is a lot if hills here and cold weather which will probably reduce the range if im right? Speed is not that important, anything from 40-100km/h will work.

Also which decks is recommended? I really like the look of the boosted board and similar board designs.

Boosted board use Loaded Vanguard deck and it’s very popular also on diy’s. 40kmh is ususally fast enough. Especially with Vanguard, because it’s very flexy deck. I just bought Landyach’s top speed deck and it’s very nice.

So you’re going to want to use either Orangatang Kegels, or Flywheel Clones for your wheels cause those two will be easiest to mount a pulley kit too. Also, Caliber trucks are kind of the standard for ESK8 at this point since most mounts are designed to accommodate their shape. Personally I’ve used Torqueboards mounts and pulley kits, they have held up great so far, check his stuff out here.

I’ve spent about 1,200 USD on a dual setup that hits 40+ km/h, so I imagine 2500 USD would almost get you two boards :slight_smile:

Get a deck you like, find some motors you like, and figure out how you want to do your batteries (li-ion or li-po). After that, it’s not going to be too much more. Decide if you’ll do a VESC or a standard ESC, and then odds and ends. Definitely second what @NickTheDude has said. Caliber II’s with Flywheels (and clones) or Kegels are great and make for easiest mounting of pulleys. Torqueboard’s stuff is fantastic (I have two of his motors) and @chaka has probably the best VESCs around (his site is OllinBoard

As for a deck, here’s what I got and some video of it here.

With that kind of budget, you’d have no problems. @chaka for vesc, it’s not plug and play but it’s not that bad. He has motors too so maybe you can talk to him to set up the vesc with the motors, probably make it easier for you. He also has 90mm and 97mm flywheels 75a. Get a deck that you like. But getting a deck with flex will limit your battery options. @barajabali can help you with custom battery. You can get your pulleys from enertion but you have to modify your trucks. Or from diyelectricskateboard @torqueboards. Controller , 2.4 ghz nano remote or gt2b with mod case.

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Not the Nano(winning). I would recommend the Mini remote instead.(Like This One)

oh yeah that’s what i meant. definitely not the winning remote. thanks @flatsp0t for clarification. :smiley:

The Loaded Vanguard looks exactly like it, perfect. How is it with the batteries if going with this deck? Obviously i cannot use those premade Enertion Space cells i was hoping for then. With this deck i guess the range has to be shorter as it’s less space for battery? Is it possible with 35-40km range with this deck?

I believe you can get about 1 mile per 1000 mah, depending on terrain and the way you ride. So it’s probably not possible to get a 40km range specially if you have limited space for mounting your batteries. You should talk to @barajabali for your battery options. And @Dunkirk for custom boosted like enclosure.

This is exactly what I’m doing right now. @barajabali is making me a custom 10sp2 battery that can’t fit into @Dunkirk 3+ enclosure. But if I had $2500 to burn on a board I would buy @chaka Ollin board!

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It’s $1900 USD

Thanks for all the information. Will be looking into the Ollin board. Looks exactly what i need when it comes to range and speed. And the price seems pretty good aswell.

How is the deck? I m 225lbs and have a actual boosted deck but seems I have to really separate my feet to ride and that is with no battery etc.

You might want to let @longhairedboy build you a custom board. His boards are a work of art and He will custom build it to give you exactly the range and performance you want.

Boosted boards are very flexy and stiff decks are better for high speed stability.

I have been in touch with longhairedboy and his boards are really a work of art. Unfortunately he could not ship overseas because of restrictions sending such big batteries.

Option 1. Get a customs broker have them deal with the the logistics of having the battery shipped by sea and then by ground. Option 2. Find someone local to build a custom battery pack.