First steps to fly with e-mtb

Next Generation of x-fighter![image|690x387]


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Once again!


That looks like a lot of fun :grin:

I think u need to learn an Olli first. Maybe without speed and then with some speed. After that apply it to this nice Quarter and you will jump higher, smoothier and more Controlled with less speed. This always seems a bit scary and uncontrollated. Though you got the hang of the weird technique

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Thanks! Ok, i will practice😄

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Please Tag me on the next Video. :wink:

Ollie is a different skill set that jumping at speed with bindings on.

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I would disagree. You would take off the ramp with an Olli like move! Same on Snowboard Big jumps.

You will always want to jump a bit higher and more Controlled. I speak by experience

Only practise​:call_me_hand:t2::sunglasses: Less Speed, short distance, try to leave the Kicker with olli, first Nose Grab​:sweat_smile:


I had to try that out at the end of the day


Don‘t know how to tag :relaxed:

Just write @ like @amecces and it will offer you some options of names

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It seems a lot more Controlled! Especially the landing. Nice job.

Can you share your opinion / experience?

My opinion, it‘s not so easy to leave the Kicker with an Olli, but that is just Training. Because if i hit the Kicker, the wheels are pushing uphill (u feel it) and i don‘t want to jump too early (backwheels till end of Kicker) i don‘t know but it feels better with every Jump