First Time Build! Can You Take A Look At My Parts List?

Hi, I am a newbie in the eskate community. I have spent a considerable amount of time researching and developing a parts list, and I am curious as to what you all think about it.

Here is a link to a spreadsheet that has all the data:

As a high-schooler, I would say that $500 is my upper limit on price.

The school that I go to has lots of machining equipment, so I can DIY quite a few parts easily

Any feedback would be appreciated! Thanks!

so, a few things. first of all, dm me bc i made my esk8 for my high school major work project and ik that feel. secondly, dont cheap out on parts. parts like wheels and a deck will be fine to get on banggood or whatever but things like vescs, batterys, motor mounts, pulleys and belts etc (what you rely on), you want to purchase good quality parts. HobbyKing have some good lipos, and for what you’re building i would go to 10s because 6s imho is shit. The motor you’re looking at will work, but will drain your 6s battery veeeeery quickly. Also, you will have no after sales support. Ik ik i sound like a sales person but buying cheap parts will just cost you more in the long run. (take it from me, i spent $800 on a board, to realise it wasn’t strong enough. so i spent another $700 on parts to enhance the board. if i just bought the good bits straight away i would’ve spent about $1200 instead of $1500.) like i said, pm me, i got a shit load od resources you can use😊 my board before and after: 20180816_105212 Snapchat-1610229567


Looks alright to me. Are you putting your batteries in series or parallel?

I’m putting them in series for 12s total

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Thanks for the input! I am wiring 2 6s batteries in series for 12s total. Because I go to a boarding school (and am mostly on campus bc of that), Im not looking for an extremely long range setup, hence my decision to opt for only 6000mah batteries. I understand that you cannot go cheap for certain parts, so I’m trying to keep everything important as high quality as possible while staying under $500. Are there any of my parts in particular that you think I overlooked the importance of and will not work?

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aha i missed that, that’s my bad. the vesc 4.12 is very commonly known to die on 12s because it just can’t take it. you’d be better off with either a vesc 6 or focbox (yes more expensive but… but… just better… :wink: ) id be finding some higher quality batteries on HobbyKing. they have some pretty decent lipos

Hmm… I’m no expert but I ride 4.12 at 12s and love it. No issues other than user error

Edit: didn’t see it from banggood, no experience there. I meant TB

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I think the 12s and FOC together is the killer. If you run BLDC, short battery wires and low kv motor there is no problem for 4.12.

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yeah true that, tb make a decent vesc 4.12 but honestly idk about the banggood ones lol

You need the XT90-S version with built in anti spark.

If you are going to buy some things from hobbyking I would try and get most of the parts from there if they have an equivalent to banggood.

I would not trust lipo’s from banggood, while hobbyking lipo is a significant part of their business. They have range from low amp to super high amp.

What is your location, it helps people suggest local sources that may save you time and money.

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I am in central United States. Edit: I forgot to mention that the XT 90s have an anti-spark sheath.

I’m probably going to run BLDC because it is compatible with the Bluetooth Android VESC Programmer app ( That is unless someone has created a Bluetooth app for FOC, in which case I will have to get a better esc.