First time build | Compared to Evolve Bamboo One | Calling all Australians, Build or Buy!?

Hi builders,

looking for some advice on this build, particularly I want to compare this to the bamboo one from evolve. Keep in mind everything is in Australian dollars. I’ve searched through, enertion, alien etc and am having trouble justifying a build vs buy. I’m more than happy to build if I can see the benefit, however, reliability, warranty and general ease of use are all things that I consider when weighing up the costs. Shipping from is $40 US to Australia which has also influenced my parts decision.

Enertion: FOCBOX controller $200 Nano-X remote $116 HobbyKing: SK3 6364 245Kv $ 97 2 x ZIPPY 8000mah 3S1P $122 IMAX B6 charger $ 37 Ebay: motor mount + hardware $ 40 board, wheels, trucks $200 approx

Shipping total $40

Total: $850 approx

My main question is, compared to an evolve bamboo one, considering the warranty and reliability(you would hope) buying from a manufacturer. Am I going to see a drastic advantage worth saving the $250 odd dollars? I am currently leaning towards the build but I guess my main concern is the reliability. Any and all suggestions/ thoughts welcome.

Where are you based? I’m in Brisbane and have a Tesseract for sale which trumps the one in power and range. Build log is Here Lots of things you haven’t factored in, cable, connectors, heat shrink, those batteries won’t give you much oomph. These are a better option Check out this speed calculator

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The main distinct advantage is that if anything should go wrong with your board, you will be able to fix it yourself.

Plus some additional perks like picking your own board, setting gearing, Adjusting the :fox_face: box settings to make it the perfect ride for you.

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In addition to what @Michaelinvegas said above, I would not expect too much from the “warranties” offered by many of the Esk8 companies: they are usually pretty short and limited. And if you do anything yourself or upgrade you will more than likely lose the warranty. I personally believe the own-built is a better solution if you have the time to dedicate to it.

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Thanks for the reply. I’m in brissy but if I go the DIY route I think Id want to do it myself, appreciate the offer though. With the batteries, if I want the capacity, will I achieve the same power by running 4 3S 8000s instead of 2 6s 5000s?

Just trying to save you an addiction ! :stuck_out_tongue: It’s a very expensive hobby - am looking to sell that tesseract to finance the next one. If you want - you can take it for a spin - have a vanguard as well, and an evolve GT. Happy to help you out - you can try them all if you like. Have spares which may help you out, have a arbor axis, some calibers I may not need and some mounts.

4 X 3S 8aH will give more range than 2 6s 5aH. You posted 2x3 in you original post. Easier to charge 2 batteries as opposed to 4, unless you splash out and get a 4x charger. @jga Evolve just replaced my BMS and 2 cells under warranty. Helps that they are just down the road.

That’s true, there’s a lot to consider, I thought I was close but clearly I still have to do more research. I’m going away for a while soon but might have to take you up on the offer to try those boards when I get back, thanks! Do you know if that motor i chose will give me a good run? Am i better of spending a bit more on something better? I’d like to keep it a single motor but im willing to shell out if its worth it.

single or dual there are benefits to both. Price wise - single hands down. Single motor single vesc single drive train. Downsides - braking, 9mm belts don’t cut it, 12mm minimum - 15mm preferred but it’s getting hard to find 15mm pulleys and belts. I’ve been talking with a bearing supplier locally who can have belts made to order - its not worth it for 1 or 2, but if you decide you want 15mm belts we could go in together to get them cheaper. Single drives need the belt tighter which in turn causes more wear and tear on the pulleys, belts and more strain on the motor. Important to get a quality motor with good bearings. I have worn through two inferior motors on single drive as the belt tension caused the can to rub internally. the 2 motors cost the same as one SK3 turnigy motor which is far more reliable.

Have used the Keda motor here It’s a good motor for the price range - not as well built as the SK3 or has the power of the SK3 listed above

Duals are much better at hill climbing, braking, accelleration, redundancy if you use a ppm splitter cable instead of canbus. You can run the belts looser, less wear and tear, and the board will freewheel more therefore more range.

I built single drives first, now am building duals.

My tesseract is a single - still pulls up hills and have hit 47km/hr My vanguard is a dual, accelerates up hills and stops on a dime. Love them both

For local Australian based stock of parts, I found these guys, based in Sydney: try , so some of the shipping costs are saved. It seems they stock Alien Drive Systems parts.

Are you doing a marketing campaign for this shop? Or why you link it everywhere :sweat_smile:

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did you sell this?