First time build looking for some input

Hey guys so I’ve been looking around here since I bought my lift board last summer never rode a skate board befor then but quickly realized it wouldn’t be enough. So the plan is to build a dual motor set up now going to use a sector 9 bintang tb 218 mm trucks two sealed and censored 190 kv motors not sure on which yet going to put together a 10s 4p pack using 30q cells ordering a spot welder and enclosure I will order from one of the guys here MBS 100 mm wheels. As far as the Vesc goes it seems like the foc box is impossible to get and I can’t justify spending that much on a Vesc 6. Also from reading here it seems like there are other options coming. So looking for something to get the board going in the mean time. Thinking about just using an dual motor esc from China or Hobbyking Vesc I no it’s out dated but for $65 dollars will it work has any body had any luck with it anD if it lasts the summer than I am okay with that. I kno I’m missing some other parts but wo4king those out.


You’re on the right track.

As far as parts go, I’ve got some if you’re interested.

Looking for a reliable vesc this is basically vesc 6 parts just under different name 150$ same as focbox

Your build looks solid just get a vesc not a ESC trust me

I looked at that one but seems like there is long Wate time for it that’s y I considered the hobby king Turnigy esk8 in the mean time for $65 as long as it works for a while I’m good with it. While I’m waiting for one of these other options to be available.

Which one are you referring to?

Dont buy the vesc from hobbyking if you plan to get the ESCape/vesc 6 clone. Thats just wasting money. Just order the ESCape/vesc 6 clone now, and it will probably come within a couple of weeks.

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The one made by stewii.

It seems like more than a few weeks I could be wrong. And as long as they work can always use them for something else later. Keep reading about people waiting around for vescs or foc boxes that would make me nuts staining at a completed board. The question is will they work. Any motor suggestions?

sk3’s are popular around here. Other options are maytechs, ntm propdrives(not very popular)etc. I myself use the tacon 160.

Thanks I’ll take a look

Is the maytech vesc any good

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I’ve heard good and bad but the general consensus is to stay away as far as I am concerned. I have two TB vescs and put quite a few miles on them with no issues. They are great for the price.


I second this. I’ve heard of people having problems with theirs, but I haven’t had any problems with mine thus far.


I’ve been using mine without any issues for a year. So I’d say they’re quite good for the price.

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Trying to figure out the anti spark thing I see some people use a switch some bms come with an E switch and then there is the loop key but from what I have read every one has a problem at some point with the anti spark switch so what is the best option

Loop key is the safest and easiest, BMS with e+switch looks sexy.

I’ve been using the hobby king Vesc and so far they’ve performed just as well as the Torque boards vesc that I have on another build. They will do more than fine in a pinch lol

Does the e switch hold up or do they randomly go I want this board to be dependable not have to worry all the time

Trying to decide between 2 bkb 6374 or 2 bkb 6354 for this build is the 6374 overkill

So after a year of getting nothing done finally getting this build together most of my parts are in and I’m working on the battery build. So far I extended the wheel base a layer of carbon fiber both top and bottom with glass frit wich is sharp as hell. 2 6374 motors from bkb along with a set of pulleys enclosure from eboosted 2 focboxes tb motor mounts image image