First time build! Need some help picking parts

Hey guys, this is my first time building anything like this, and prior to the couple days of researching I’ve done, I have no experience or knowledge of ESC’s motors, batteries and the like. However, after much thought and research I’ve come up with this list.

2x 5000mAh S4 25C Compact Batteries 1x 6374 192kV Motor 1x 2.4Ghz Transmitter/Receiver 1x Turnigy Sentilon V4 100A Speed Controller

And from what I understand I am going to need a BEC with the ESC as well. I’m planning on 3D printing 36T/16T pulleys, buying a belt and making my own mount. The board I’m using is a Madrid P-Cock and it is pretty low to the ground so I will have to mount the motor so that it sticks out the back.

That’s my plan, if I’ve missed anything please let me know and I would love to hear any suggestions. Thanks!

The batteries and motor seem good. If you want an alternative I would look at these motors from chaka (ollinboardcompay). I would strongly recommend not using that transmitter because I have heard some bad reviews on it, seems to break within a weak of use. I would either go with the Wiiciever and Nyko Kama combo or the GT2B. I have never seen someone use that ESC and would suggest you get this one instead. You will need a separate UBEC/SBEC. Would suggest picking up a programming card so that you can tweak the settings. You’ll also need a balance charger to charge your batteries, like this one.

Let me add to @karma

It looks like ur running 8s …

I would check this thread for an 8s or more esc

Electronic Speed Controllers

VESC 50a 12s DIY’s 120a 12s FVT 120a 6s FVT 180a 6s Castle Mamba Monster2 6s Castle XL2 8s Hobywing EzRun MAX8 6s Hobywing EzRun MAX5 200a 8s Hobywing EzRun MAX6 160a 8s Hobbywing XeRun XR8 Plus 6s

This one I think is for a helicopter or plane

Thanks for pointing that out! Thought it said 3S for some reason… Updated my post.

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Thanks guys! So the issues is that I live in Canada and I’m trying to keep this as cheap as possible, so I’d like to be able to order all my parts from one source to avoid extra shipping costs and the VESC is very expensive on top of that. So, I looked through the hobbyking catalog for an ESC that would work with my setup but I can’t seem to find a car ESC that suits my needs, could you guys take a look? Otherwise do you know of any hobbyking alternatives that I could find an ESC and parts similar to the ones listed? Thanks!

I think these two fit the specs: 120A Turnigy


120A HobbyKing YEP

But I’d love a confirmation

That’s what I was thinking as well, but apparently their meant for RC planes/helicopters. Can these be programmed to be used with a longboard?

you probably don’t want to print motor pulleys, wheel should be fine.

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I’d use caution picking out an esc that no one has tried … Especially if it’s your first build…try to stick with known products first to avoid added expense in getting the wrong esc and wasting time waiting to get the right thing…

Finding a compatible esc for 6s is easy…the trick is finding ESCs that are 7s to 12s that will work for our application…they do have ESCs for cars that are 12s but you are looking at the $150-$200 range for these types of ESCs… Best so far seems to be vesc and the TB or carvon ESCs that can handle up to 12s

The majority of the ESCs that are 12s are for helicopters, planes and boats

Okay, so I’ve revised my plan a little bit, I’ve decided to go with a 6354 260kV motor so that I could potentially upgrade to a dual motor setup in the future if I want to, it also brings the cost down a little. With this I’ll go with 2 4S batteries in series and a 36:14 ratio. This should theoretically give me a top speed of around 30mph. So, does anyone have experience with the 54mm motors? Are they low on torque? Would I be able to fit 2 64mm motors beside eachother on a 180mm paris truck? Also, if I got an ESC rated for 2S-6S, what kind of effect would it have with a 8S setup? This is the one I was thinking of getting. Thanks again for all the help guys.

KV numbers will tell the torque…not the size of the motor

So what exactly does having a longer motor do?

Hey Nick, in case your new to Hobby King. I have a good tip for you. Go to the item you want and just sit on the page until they pop up a discount offer window. It may take a little while but they do it and you’ll save some money. It’s also a good idea to create an account so that you can track your order on their site.

Alright, since the only 8S car ESC on hobbyking is 125$ without the BEC and programming card I think I will go with 2 3S batteries in series, the ESC i linked a couple posts above and a 6354 260kV motor with a 2:1 ratio which should give me the same top speed but less torque. Because of this I’ll likely go for dual motors in the future if need be, but right now this is looking like the way to go on my budget.

Also, I was wondering if something like a 1.6:1 gear ratio with dual 260kV motors and 6S batteries would be a good setup. Since I would be getting more torque from the dual motors would it make sense to alter the gear ratio like that in order to get higher top speed?