First time Build: Reliable Commuter Board, Thoughts?

So I have decided to convert my existing longboard into an electric longboard. After an exhausting amount of research I have come up with the following list of parts:

10S5P Custom Battery Pack cells:



Charging System:

Motor x2:

Tx & Rx:

VESC x2:

Motor Pulley x2:

Wheel Pulley x2:

Belt x2:


What do you guys think about this setup? This is to be a commuter board to get me to work from my bus stop on a regular basis. I would be happy with a lower top speed (at least like 30km/h) but good range and excellent reliability,

Any advice would be really helpful :slight_smile:

<img src=“” width=“690”<img

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You should totally skate the cricket bat instead! Dumb video of guy skating a cricket bat
You’d be the first electric cricket bat skate builder! xD Can’t really give much advise but it looks good to me, mabey consider a wider belt for a single drive (please get a second opininon on this) :slight_smile: Good luck with the build!


How much range are you wanting to get out of this build?
Im a little tired but I think you’re looking at just under 120 watt hours with those 2 batteries
Watt hours is a function of mah*voltage
I think you’re supposed to get approx 1 kilometer per 10 Watt hours.

Where’s a calculator for speed and distance.

I have a similar kind of setup and the 2 things I really would change is:

Belt = single drive with a strong motor, a 9mm belt is not enough… accelerating is ok but the braking you hear the belt skip teeth.

Esc = for this price i would order a VESC

I would say 15Wh per km for my single drive board

hahahha I would, but then I’d be a worse batsman than I already am

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I was hoping to get around 15 to 20km but I don’t think it makes any sense going higher than 8000mAh so may just have to settle for 12.

Going 12 would definetly give you a more efficient board, but if you do plan on switching to the VESC your current motor choice is inadvisable, see:

@brabbit I don’t see a motor mount listed, what’s the plan to mount? I’m assuming you’re aware that you’re going to have to drill through your wheels to mount the motor pulley. You could get a set of flywheel clones for $25 and then use one of the vendor kits if you want to make it easier.

I suggest using VESC, then you don’t need an UBEC, and you have a lot more config options.

If you proceed with your current battery choice, you could optimize motor selection by getting the SK3 in a 245KV version. Same price.

I use 8s at 5000Mah and I get 9 miles on a full charge. The range can vary a lot, based on factors like your weight, gearing, and terrain, but if you’re using 10000Mah you might expect a range somewhere between 12-15 miles.

Another way to increase the watt hours rating would be to use 5 or 6s 8000mah batteries, or wiring there of the ones you want to use in series, although I’m not sure how that last one works… Its exactly what I’m figuring out for my build charging wise

i just wanted to use 2 4s’s so I can avoid buying another and instead charge then from my current charger (which can charge at 4,5A for a maximum of 4 cell battery).

thanks for the reply, i really appreciate the advice but I have lots of questions to ask!

The mount i had intended to design was from this instructable:

It looks like this:


  1. I have been reading about the VESC controller and can see its clear advantages. But it also seems more complicated to setup. If I was to buy one where can I find the best deal on it? (currently the cheapest I could find for pre-order was here product/vesc-the-best-electric-skateboard-esc/)

  2. Also do you think 50A VESC current rating would be enough for my single drive build using the 213kv (or 245kv) motor?

  3. Why do you suggest the 245kv over the 213kv with my current battery setup? Is the reason so I can operate the motor closer to the highest efficiency RPM range of 8000 to 9000 using the stated gearing?

Thanks in advance for the help :slight_smile:

Looks good so far, but I’ve spotted a few problems that I think are imperative:
-Unless you know how to weld, the instructable that you were using can be quite challenging.
-Also, 50A for the ESC will not be nearly enough. You’ll want at least 120A because everything heats up in your enclosure.

I would advise using this for a simple but reliable setup

If you want longer range, simply find a battery with the same output and cell count, but more capacity. A 10000Mah battery isn’t that hard to find. (Or just connect 2 5000Mah batteries)

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