First Time Build, Seeking some advice and answers

Hello Everyone! A little backstory, im doing my 16 month internship so if decided to finally build an electric longboard as too slowly expand into more engineering related projects. Basically just trying to implement what’s learned at uni.

I spent a lot of time trying to find good compatible parts. Furthermore, I just wanted to get some advice before I pull the plug! I am also struggling to find a battery pack supplier in Canada (GTA) so if anyone would know someone on this forum, I’ve noticed a lot of mentions but could not find a contact.

  • Battery: 10s2p/10s3p min 30A con discharge (can’t find supplier yet)

  • Motor: 6354 190kv motor (flip sky)

  • FSESC: FLIPSKY Mini FSESC6.7 PRO 70A base on VESC6.6

  • Trucks: TORQUE 218MM TRUCKS

  • Wheels: Caguama, 85mm

  • Enclosures/First Drive-Train: 3D Print

  • Switch: Antispark Switch, Electric Skateboard Power Switch Pro 280A

  • Remote: BKB Voyager

Final question, I am trying to better understand the reasoning behind why most people go for 15t motor pulley and a 36/40 wheel pulley. I understand it is a 2.66 increase in torque however is there an average force/torque needed to move the longboard up a hill?