First Time Builder. I messed up! VESC advice

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First post so forgive me if. I miss any forum rules. I have been here for about a month (on and off) trying to understand the vast world of electric skateboards.

To cut a long story short, I fell for the oldest trick in the book and purchased an ESC from Amazon with a pre paired remote, which only cost £45 - I thought, as a new builder this would be the easiest and cheapest way to test out building an electric skateboard. Since purchasing this (hasn’t even arrived) I have realised that I shouldn’t have cut cost on what is essentially the heart of the board.

I have now decided to cut my losses and not even try the cheap ESC but instead buy a VESC for the reliability and customisability not to mention the better overall ride etc.

My question now is what VESC should I buy and how to I know if a remote will work with it?

I have a 10s2p battery and a 5065 motor (going with a single motor belt drive system).

The options for VESCs that I have found so far are:

Maytech – 50A Brushless Controller for VESC® Software – RANGLEBOX (This is my currently my preferred option as UK based)

I understand that these are all 50amps and my motor is max 80amps and so this may bottleneck the motor but as this is my first build I am not looking for masses of power and speed, just something to have some fun with a get from A to B and my budget for VESC is around £100 give or take.

Thanks in advance for the help! (sorry for the wall of text!)

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Yep, classic avoidable mistake which ends up costing more, not less.

Actually, the battery is the heart of the board but the ESC is a runner-up.

The biggest cost of the whole board should be the battery.

Don’t believe hardly anything the manufacturers say about current ratings. They’re there to sell products, and if putting bigger numbers on the page gets more “buy” clicks, then they ABSO-fucking-LUTELY put bigger numbers on the page.

The VESC 4.12 is 10S max in the real world (can do 12S on BLDC mode only but risky) and probably about 25A (battery) maximum. Both of the products you linked are the VESC 4.12 and will work as long as you don’t turn up the battery current past that.


Thanks for the reply!

I agree, the esc is less like the heart and more like the brain!

I hope you don’t mind but I have two other questions:

  • Will the 25amps max on the vesc 4.12 be enough power, to make the build worthwhile, or are there other types of vesc (for example vesc 6) in that price range?

  • How do I choose a remote, do they all work with vesc? Is there anything I need to look out for with compatability? Do you have experience with what is most reliable and stable?

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I’ve rode single motor VESC 4.12 boards set at 25A battery max many times.

It’s definitely a viable build. The real downfall is if you’re trying to push high speeds or when it’s blazing hot outside, once that ESC gets hot and starts thermal throttling, it takes a long time for it to cool back down enough to perform normally.

But it will work fine. Just don’t turn up the battery current too much. 20A would be even better if you don’t have any large hills.

It’s a perfectly viable build.

I would use the Mini Remote because it’s cheap and proven and easy to use.

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That’s useful info, thanks! I have just ordered the VESC, I guess as this is my first build, once I know what I like, I can upgrade or rebuild in the future!

Can I ask about the Mini Remote, do you have any recommended places to buy it?

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AliExpress if you’re not in a hurry.

If you’re in a hurry, @Anubis probably has them in the UK.

Thanks for this, and all your help, I will have a look at both, I have made an order on Nexus Boards for motor mounts and pulleys etc, it hasn’t shipped yet, but it’s worth the wait for the price and quality.

My Vesc has arrived, all my cables and connectors are here ready to be soldered, and my wheels and bearings arrived today. I’m waiting on the Caliber trucks I ordered all I have left to find and order is the remote, enclosure and a deck! And then I can start building.

I’m looking for a deck in this shape:


I really like the smaller board 27-30" and the square nose and tail. Just struggling to find many decks in that shape!

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