First time builder need help!

Im a first time builder and am used to the speed of my board and am looking to make it quicker without spending heaps ,any help would be appreciated, 16252845972904130064456358395328|375x500

Image is just for motor and running specs wich are all now on a Bustin Brooklyn long board

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You shouldn’t be posting your email here for instance I was tempted to sign you up for a few newsletters

hehehe all aside you’re dealing with a 150w motor which is about as powerful as: kids-electric-cars

I’m going to assume you got one of thoese 100e ebay single hub motor boards didn’t you?

and in that case man It’s great that it works and lets leave it at that.

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Wait are you over the age of 18? anywho by hitting summary below you are confirming you are over the age of 18.

These are loosely bound suggestions for a more powerful board meant for adults.


[WTS - UK/EU] 75Kv TBDD, 2x 149kv SK8 6374, FSESC 4.12, Meepo hubs

this guy is selling 2hubs on a truck for 25sterling get yourself some front trucks from some freebie and you have a drive train for somewhere like 30sterling shipped to UK.

then you need to get fortunate with some dual ESC they retail new for 80 with remote but you can proberbly find one for somewhere 40shipped

then you just need a battrey assuming you can put it together and have some tools it shouldn’t cost more than 85Sterling (20cells) NKON | Molicel INR18650-P26A 2600mAh - 35A - 18650 - Li-ion - Rechargeable batteries

BMS + charger fits into 20 easily.

total = 85 + 20 + 30 + 40 = 175pounds and that’s assuming you got a board to stick it to. and thats assuming you find great deals and are very resourceful at construction and have bits like screws and glue and boxes you can modify.

with that kind of board the predicted range would be from 8-11miles some top speed of 18-23mph with an overall bumpy ride but probably better than what you have.

you’re basically making a cheap meepo ideally buy a meepo wowgo whatever they’re mostly the same.

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Yep lol jaycar board and scavenged the main components and transferred to my long board

Yeah I’m 38 from Australia have skated for years just converted to electric though

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@Needhelp Agh well yeah basically belt drives, and direct drives, Gear drives are all hallmark’s of DIY ESK8 performance belt drives being the cheapest of the lot but still not soo budget friendly as you’d assume.

So if you’re trying to be Up and running with low costs then mass produced china parts are the way to go like the hubs I linked.

When you get deep into DIY esk8 you’ll start using more expensive more advanced drivetrains like listed above and powerful speed controllers and custom battery packs, enclosures and that is our refined experience which is if not only costly then time consuming also.