First Time Built | Propdrive v2 5060 270kv | FVT 120A ESC | 6s2p LiPo

First Time Built | Propdrive v2 5060 270kv | FVT 120A ESC | 6s2p LiPo I found this instructable in summer and decided to build it together with my brother. His part is mechanics and wood, my electronics.

We ordered the exact same parts, and started building. Pretty fast we noticed the intractable is not very detailed, when it comes to minor details, like board dimensions or circuit diagram. It took a while to figure out, the BMS should not be connected between ESC and Battery because it cuts of at 30A. BMS only for charging. Luckily we finally found forum which helped out a lot. We had a lot of Mechanical issues, Motor doesn’t fit to motor mount, not fitting pulleys and so on. I thought I am good a soldering, but the soldering connections between battery cells broke all the time. So I bought a 400°C Soldering Station, which did a lot better job, but still not perfect. So we screwed the cables to the cells. Hope it works now. The board would have costed about 500€ without all the mistakes and spare parts we bought. We are very happy how the design turned out, looks very unique. We are working now on out second board. Something lighter with kickball for the city, but also with integrated parts into the deck. Motor PROPDRIVE v2 5060 270KV Brushless Outrunner Motor ESC FVT 120A Waterproof Brushless Sensorless ESC For 1/8 1/10 RC Car Skateboard ESC Lipo Batteries Turnigy 5000mAh 1S 20C Lipoly (Single Cell) Remote 2.4GHz Radio Remote Controller Receiver Binding Plug For Electric Skateboard Range 20km Speed 35km/h Weight 8kg


Would love to see the inside of the skateboard.

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IMG_9070IMG_9072 We changed the motormount, the trucks and the wheels, to which we hope some more reliable parts. Still battery cells are dying. Has somebody ideas why? Bad BMS, ESC…?

Eventho this thread is pretty old, I’ll just answer, maybe I can help other ones having the same problem.

So I had the same issue with those cells, and it was the tab that broke off. The battery therefore wasn’t connected with the wires anymore and the cell is useless.