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First Time E-Skateboard Build! 700$ Budget!

Hello There! This will be my first post as I just joined the forum and been researching about e-skateboards for about a month. I have been looking for range mostly, single motor but very powerful and a clean skinny look.

Here is what I am looking for in a build:

Clean, Sleek Design
Good Power
Good Range
Small controller that can fit into any jeans pocket.
Charging port
A way to see how much battery is left on the board

I recently tried my first electric skateboard the Yuneec E-go and had a blast on it my only complain was that the torque/speed was not enough. I liked the design and the controller though.

My budget is 700$ so feel free to help me with this! I am looking to get started Asap.

Thanks a bunch :smiley:

Are you a heavy person?
Do you have lots of hills?
Are you able to DIY a motor mount?
Single or dual drive?
Do you have a board already?

The new ollin motors looks nice, I would try them out if I were building a new board. Here is the post by chaka.

If you want a sleek board @chaka (Ollinboards)'s products is the way to go!

hey @seanpain4! Thanks for the response.

I am 175 pounds
mostly flat grounds but there is 1 or 2 hills.
I am not able to. Which is why i was looking at pre-made ones like the exertion motor mount and such
single(but powerful :D)
I don’t have a deck yet. Basically waiting to get opinions of the details I specified to see what will be the best.

Thanks a bunch!

hey @OskarCastrone thanks for the response! WOW! The Ollinboards look sick! Out of my budget though :confused: but yeah that sleek design is definitely what i am looking for!

Then I suggest that you build your own deck with the batteries build in between two layers of plywood. These lipo cells looks good, cheap and very thin:

I have not tried out this idea yet but I am going to soon. I will let you know how it goes - please let me know as well if you do it too! :slight_smile:

Hey guys I did a quick runthorugh of the things I am thinking of buying here it is:

Motor: enertion 6374-190kv-
Motor Mount: enertion
Pulley and belt: enertion
Vesc: enertion
Trucks: enertion

Unerneath lid compartment:

I still need the battery and the deck, wheels, controller , ect.

What do you think of the parts so far? Looking to spend the most money of the battery, motor and vesc. Everything else can vary.

Check out this small remote:
Also take a look the the conversion kit.
MEB Electric Conversion | Drop Thru Deck | SK3 | Enertion Mount | 6S | Flier ESC