First time fiberglass enclosure...advices needed

Hi guys! As title says I am going to make a fiberglass enclosure for my spud build. Currently I am using a 3D printed enclosure which is fine but since I designed slightly smaller I need to reprint a new one so why not try with this method this time. I am ordering everything from only because I am in Belgium and so far this one was the cheapest option, but if you know another cheaper source please share it! Materials: -Polyester lamin resin I chose this one over epoxy just because it is way cheaper. (I will order 1kg, I think should be more than enough). -Fiberglass Matt 225g/m2 I could also choose a 300g/m2, the price is the same. It will give a thicker layer after lamination but I see most of the people are using 220g, that’s why my choice. (2 m2 should be enough). Then some brushes and that’s it. I am going to print the mold with some cheap PLA, then wrap both board and mold with tape. To ensure a nicer finishing look I will use the ghetto vacuuming mod @ninja. Do you think it is ok? My concerns about it: 1- How many layers do I need? I was thinking at 5 layers. It should result in 2.5mm thickness. 2-Do I need something else over the last layer of fiberglass before I use the vacuum bag. Will the enclosure stick to the vacuum bag.

Feel free to add your tips! Thanks to everyone. I will keep updated this thread during the procedure.

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5 layers are enough :slight_smile:

I am not sure what is the ghetto mod, but I usually use peel ply and breather cloth to remove excess resin :slight_smile:

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Sorry! That’s the ghetto procedure On the website I posted unfortunately there is no ply sheet and breather cloth. I found the ply on other website but where or how do you call the breather cloth online? I can’t find it. SO basically after the fabricglass layers + resin I will add on top ply and then the breather cloth (both w/o resin). Is it the correct order? Thx

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I probably founf it on the website: ply sheet Breather cloth

These additional materials raise the price to almost the double. Do you know a better website where to other all the material in EU?

There are ways to make it cheaper :confused: I read somewhere that you can replace breather somehow (with pregamen paper or something, IDK what it is?)

I have some rests of breather and peel ply at home I could send you…the only problem is that IDK when I get home again :confused: I am studying in different city…maybe the weekend, or the next one for sure :confused: I am from the Czech Republic, if you would pay the shipping it would be ok :slight_smile:

I am not completly sure if it is necessary :confused: You will for sure get better results with it, but try to google if there are any cheaper substitues…

You can always go to local stores to look for materials. Sometimes that is easily forgotten on this online-shopping-era.

But hijacking the thread a little; How many layers you recommend when making complete board out of fiberglass? I’m going to fill it with sturdy foam.

I have never made one :confused:

I have an idea how much you would need but I am really not sure :confused: If I were using carbon I would use 300gsm uni and biax layers on both sides :slight_smile: With fibreglass you will have to use more :slight_smile: Maybe 600gsm could be enough? Depends on the core also…

Well, i’ll just have to add more layers gradually.

Thanks for your super nice offer. I really appreciate it. I will frist try to find it in another way so you can save your material :smile: Anyhow could you explain me the layers order of ply sheet and breather cloth? IS it correct what I assumed in the previous post? “after the fiberglass layers + resin, I will add on top ply and then the breather cloth (both w/o resin)” Thx a lot!

1.bag 2.breather 3. peel ply 4. fibreglass with resin 5. mold 6. bag

This is the layering :slight_smile: You dont add resin too ply sheet and breather, because breathers purpose is to take all the excess resin…and ply seperates it from the fibreglass and allows you to remove the breather easily :slight_smile:


Super clear! thx

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No problem :slight_smile:

I was making the shopping list but I am not sure about which fiberglass to go. Would you suggest this cheaper glass fiber or the bit more expensive Thx

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Ok the difference is, that woven cloth will give you bit more strength, but it is easier to get nice finish and clean corners with mat :slight_smile: as far as I know it is easier to work with mat, so its better for begginers :slight_smile:

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Perfect! Then I will order matt. Thx a lot!

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I am making my mold in PLA. I think the resin shouldn’t stick to it, but I wanted to be sure. Am I right? Do I have to wrap it in package tape anyway? Thx

I use plastic wrap. Easier to wrap and unwrap the molds

You mean the one for store food? Then since my mold is in PLA plastic it is probably already fine.

Yep. Whichever kind. Stretch plastic, saran wrap, shrink wrap and the likes.

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Little update. Yesterday I went for my first attempt. Resulting in a lot of shit…and being interrupted by the neighbors who were thinking there was a gas leak when it was the resin smell! This thing smells a lot… I feel really bad for them. I was in the garage with direct air flow from outside but it’s not completely isolated from the rest of the building and they got scared. Last time I do it there! So it ended up with me in a hurry to finish everything :smile: I went for the ghetto vacuum style (vacuum bag plus vacuum cleaner) and I thought it will be a total failure… This evening I open it up and surprise I think is not so bad even at the back when the shape it’s a bit tricky due to the space for the motor wires.


Of corse didn’t come out perfect and in the front there are two major issues:

Now what do to? I think for the corners I can had more layers of fiberglass and resin. Differently for the front edge I do not if it’s better fill it up from the bottom and than sand it on top or what. As usual, thanks for the help!

Edit: didn’t upload all the pictures.

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